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Planning on making money online this year? Unless you avoid these lethal mistakes you haven't got a prayer.

by  Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Author's program note. Like ABBA? I do. I think they produced some of the most clever, stylish and sophisticated dance music and rhythms ever. Like their mega-hit "Money, Money, Money" (released in 1976). It's not only one of the best jump-up songs ever, but it's got a message you may have to take to heart if you're still trying (but consistently failing) to make money online.

It's this: "If I got me a wealthy man..." That's right, it may be time (and is probably way past time) to use your wiles and charm to snag a rich mate... because you're just wasting your time online...

... unless....

you take heed to the irrefutable verities about what you must know and do... and so finally turn the Internet into the cash hose it's long been for people like me, who make money online daily, while you can't even figure out who's on first.

Must avoid mistake #1.

Don't work alone. Working online all by your lonesome is just plain nuts.  I credit my awesome success online to a crucial decision I made nearly 20 years ago: the overwhelming majority of online entrepreneurs need more skills -- technical, marketing, people -- than they've got. For such people (and I very much include myself) success is unlikely, even impossible if you try to go it alone. Don't.

You're going to need cutting-edge tech experts; Internet marketing experts, and yes personnel to make sales and bring in the bucks 24/7/365. Have you got this team in place? Well you'd better get it together before you waste any more time and money.

Must avoid mistake #2.

STOP thinking, STOP believing you can built a profitable online business off free stuff. You can't. Say that again: YOU CAN'T! Bite this bullet here and now, once for all. It's going to cost you money to create a successful online business; just like it costs money to establish a successful offline business.

If you've been trying and trying and trying to succeed online without investing you're probably beyond hope. But let's assume you've still got some of your little grey cells in place and functional. Use some of them to get the money you need to create a profitable online business. There's no way around it: it takes money to make money, and personally I won't even talk to the steady stream of folks who approach me without investment dollars in hand.  That's the "bad" news; the good news is that it's still ridiculously cheap to start a profit-making online business that can net you the minimum 6-figure income it takes to live well these days.

Must avoid mistake #3.

Get educated about what you need to establish a money-making business online. Stop trying to "teach" yourself. If you knew how to make money online, I imagine you'd be making money, right? But you don't. And you will never know if you have yourself as your prime expert and instructor. Bluntly, you know and can do too little to justify that.

There are many fine online business-building instructors. I swear by mine: George Kosch. He's been instructing me for almost 20 years now. He's smart about what you've got to do in the constantly changing 'net environment, a superb trainer and communicator.... good looking, too. I've made out like a bandit by putting my ego where it belongs (in some closet) and LEARNING from a man who guarantees you'll make money if you follow his proven system. I did... and I have.

Must avoid mistake #4.

You don't know how to generate unlimited traffic to your site...and until you do, YOU'RE DOA. That why you must become a traffic expert immediately, if not sooner.

If you launch your online business without knowing precisely where your absolutely essential traffic will be coming from, you deserve what you get: Nada! Nothing! Zip! Yet to my utter consternation and astonishment, not a day goes by when some knucklehead tells me he hasn't got guaranteed traffic, doesn't know how to get it, but is a "survivor" who'll figure it out as he does. OMG! Such people probably believe in the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. They are casualties just waiting to happen.

Here again I want to pat George Kosch on the back. The guy is a walking encyclopedia of each and every way that exists to generate online traffic... and trains lucky folks like me to use these every single day. He does it in an amazing program called "Home Business Boot Camp"... and he guides you (with skill and patience) to get the traffic you must have... starting today! He's got a worldwide following who swear by his methods.... as I most assuredly do myself. Do you have a George Kosch in your life? No?  Then book your space in the lifeboat today... you'll need it!

Must avoid mistake #5.

It happened again just yesterday. I was counseling a gent  who told me he'd bought some traffic; sent it to his home page... and didn't get a single response! What did he do wrong? Just everything...

The first rule of successful traffic and crucial list building is to direct ALL traffic to a landing page. Why? Because that's the proven way to get traffic, traffic, traffic and build the prospect lists that are crucial to online success. So, ask yourself this: do you know how to create and use landing pages? And be honest, totally honest with yourself, because if you get it wrong you're toast... (By the way, you won't be surprised to learn George Kosch -- there he is again -- writes my landing pages... and they're gold mines.)

Well, I've run out of space, with lots more to tell you, but that'll have to wait for another day. Now, I'm heading over to my favorite search engine where that fabulous dance number by ABBA is waiting for me (and you). As I listen to "Money, Money, Money" I'll know I'm the rich guy you're looking for, the guy who can give you that cushy life you'd like. But why would I want an Internet loser in my life? After all, it's a rich man's world...

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Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses. Services include home business training, affiliate marketing training, earn-at-home programs, traffic tools, advertising, webcasting, hosting, design, WordPress Blogs and more. Find out why Worldprofit is considered the # 1 online Home Business Training program by getting a free Associate Membership today.

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