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There's nothing more special than God's gift of a new baby! I've been 1/3 responsible (God, my wife, and I) for bringing three miracles into the world and those 3 combined have blessed me with 6 grandchildren. It wasn't until my third child was born that I got really serious about their education and learning abilities. It was out of necessity because my first born was golden - fast learner - great listener - followed instructions well - great athlete; but my second child was just the opposite. I came to understand from reading and counseling that my 2nd was much more vain and self-absorbed so it was difficult to get him to buy into ANYTHING that didn't benefit him directly in that moment. Out of that experience I started to research methods for teaching young children. One such method that intrigued me was to tap into a child's vanity (starts about age 2) by making the stories about them and their friends and family.

And, so National Personalized Products + was born with our premier line being the personalized children's books. It has worked extremely well with my children and grand children and it excites me when someone buys one of our books because I know I'm helping to get another child excited about reading and learning. I know that a child needs to READ to SUCCEED - it's critical for future success in all facets of life.

So enough of the preamble - let me get to the reason for this post! I just sold the last of a book entitled "Welcome Home". The creator of the book is no longer in business so I cannot order more, which is sad because it is so wonderful. However, I do have another book that although the storyline is not as memorable the other facets of it are awesome. This book's storyline starts at the birth with all the usual stats that folks want to know about the baby and goes on to tell who were the first to see the baby, and then has additional pages of facts and spots for significant events, milestones, and dates up to the first birthday. So it becomes a keepsake journal of your child's first year. Now that's something every 2-year old and up wants to hear/read over and over and over again.

One of my daughter-in-laws has her eldest child read her My Baby Book out loud at least 4 times per year and has for every one of her 7 years (well of course Mom read to her until she could read herself - which insidently was at age 4).

Are you having trouble getting or keeping your child interested in reading? Then do EVERYTHING possible to change that - turn off the TV - turn off the video games - and read WITH them. You will give them such a huge dividend for the rest of their lives. If we can help by providing a book or two about them and their family and friends then contact us.

Invest in our Children - they ARE our FUTURE!

Ray Delworth

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