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Please forgive me if some of this is a little trivial, for some of you more experience networkers, but this is something that I will be sharing with those who join my down line.

Online & Offline Businesses

There many people on the internet today looking for a way to make more money, for a variety of reasons.
I want to Congratulate those of you wanting to start a business of your own, which helps improve our economy and may even create new jobs for other people.

It is extremely hard to find a business to get into, how do you know which opportunity is the right one for you? Do you start a business in a nearby town/city or out of your home, or start a home based business, or do you start a business online? Even if you find a business, how do you know that it will be successful or not? How will you finance it, and how much money will it take to get it started? Do you need an accountant or a lawyer? Can you run the business yourself, do you need a partner, or do you need to set-up a Corporation with a board of directors? How much money will make? Do you really need a complete business plan?

These are very tough questions to answer. There are a lot of resources on the internet to help you find the answer to these and other questions that are harder to answer than these that need to be answered, when you go to or expand a business. Among those resources on the internet are:
• Government Websites
• Business Publication Websites
• Business Consultant Websites
• Industry Related Websites
• And Social Networks

The resources will provide you all the information that you need to start answering some of those questions, by helping you put all the pieces in an order that is better to understand. You also need a Mentor (someone that has been through all this before that is willing to help succeed), some charge a fee for their advice and coaching services, and some will do it for free (because they like you, and want to see you do well).

One of the greatest resources out there is the Social Networks; they are a source of tremendous information and industry contact for just about anything that you want to know. You really can learn a lot from the people that you meet on these websites. They offer soooo many different kinds of opportunities to build a business from or to add to an existing business that you may have. The big problem with these sites is that there is a lot of spam going around. You will get 10 copies of the same e-mail everyday for several weeks, and many times from several people wanting you to join that opportunity through them. These spammers will never learn, and it nearly impossible to stop them. But the good out-weighs the bad, for me. There are soooo many awesome opportunities, and information to be shared that I can put up with the spammers, the information and contact way to valuable to give up just because of the misguided spammers.

Many of the opportunities fall into two main categories:
1. Network Marketing / Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
2. Affiliate Marketing

However there are some other kinds of opportunities out there, you just have to look hard enough for them. No one social network website can and will you everything that you need to know about anything. That is why I belong to several networks (Actually too many, to tell you the truth). I mainly concentrate my time working with the business and Christian networks. I am also apart of some other kinds of networks, for fun and other interests, but that is my choice. You may not want to join any other kinds of networks, and that is up to you, and you certainly do not have to join any that you do not want to.

Most of the opportunities on these networks are geared to an online business format, but some can be operated offline as well. And many opportunities can be operated both online and offline.

One major problem for those who decide to get into a Network Marketing/MLM or some kind of online business opportunity; they want to make money and are willing to work they need to, but they do not have a stable income to carry them through until their Network Marketing/MLM or online business starts to make them money. There is an old saying that says – “It takes money to make money”. While that saying is true to a degree, you don’t to be rich to make money, but you do have to have enough to sustain you will your build your business. Or at the very least until you are able to convince someone that your business idea is good enough, for them to decide to help you further.

One suggestion I have for those who do not have a job, or need to supplement their income while they build their new business, or expand their existing business. I am currently unable to work a regular job, because I have a messed up back, which I know that God is taking care of in His good time. I found some work that I am trying to full-time, which many people see ads in the newspapers and magazines and think that it is just some kind of scam. Many of those opportunities are scams. But I have found several companies that offer real work and you receive real money. There are many different job titles in the Retail Support Service Industry:
1. Mystery Shopper
2. Merchandiser
3. Product Demonstrator/Brand Ambassador
4. People surveyor/Interviewer
5. Product Auditor

There is a lot of work in this industry, the pay is not great but it will pay a few bills and you could in up meeting some that sees the good work that you do and decide to give a regular job. You can also build yourself up to working full-time 40-60 hours per week if you want to.

There are a lot of companies out there that need your help. You get to choose when and where you work, the type of work that you are going to be doing and to some degree how much you make (you can take only higher paying job if you wish). The best part is that you have your own home based business with all the tax breaks that go with it.
The major pitfall is that these companies are slow in paying you for your work. Some companies take 4 - 6 weeks to pay you. Despite the pitfall, the work is interesting, there is a lot of variety so you don't get bored, and some of the work can be a lot of fun to. You also get to meet a lot of very interesting people, and see things that most people do not get to see, normally.

- Mystery Shopping - This is where you go into a business and you are checking into how well the business looks (clean and organized). You are also there to evaluate the employees on how well they do their jobs. Many times you are there to purchase something, when this happens you are paid to do the shop and reimbursed for your purchase (to a certain limit, which you know about before you accept the job assignment).

- Product Demonstrations - This simply is where you go into a business and set up a display table/stand and handout sample of a certain product or demonstrate how a product works to increase the sales of the product you are there to represent.

- Audits- These are usually very easy assignments to do. Some you go in to check the dates on a product to see if they are selling or out dated. You may be sent in to count the inventory for a certain product. I did an assignment once that it was my job to go into this one chain of stores in my area to count how many shelves or basket they had in their cooler (5 minute job each store), I did 75 - 80 in one week and made about $600. Those kinds of assignments don't come along very often, but when they do, whew what a deal!

- Customer Survey's - You are simply asking customer their opinion on some specific type of questions on a variety of subjects.

- Customer Interviews - This where you ask question about their shopping experience as they are leaving the store. You will be asking to interview people as they come in about their expectation on shopping at the store.
Some of these assignments pay better than other, it really depends on your service area (how far you are willing to travel for your work assignments), the type of work you are willing to do (store resets and set-ups, pay real well, but you have to travel and be gone several days), the number of hour you are willing to work, your dependability, your honesty, the quality of work that you do, and your level of experience (including any certifications that you have).

Some assignments can lead into a full-time position.

One excellent company to start off with is - - There is no start-up cost or membership fees of any kind, and they have lots of work (at least in my area).

Once you get started another excellent source for finding more companies to work with is - - You can sign-up for free, and upgrade later which gives a much better opportunity to make money. The paid membership to start off with is a small amount, but well worth it. You will get access to certification opportunities, and an awesome list of companies looking for you to work for them. Plus you will get a lot of companies asking you to do work for them, just because of your membership with Shadow Shopper.

There is ways to make money out there, you just have to know where to look, and who to ask I this helps some of you who are struggling to get on your feet and get a business going. If I can be of any assistance please feel free to contact me I will be glad to help you any way I can.

To your success,

James D. Bartlett

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