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2009 is shaping up to be a great New Year.

I am involved in Nutronix International and have been for 4 years now.
I started for the products and am still there for the products, and
for the opportunity, too.

We have an infomercial coming out soon as our latest recruiting tool.
This infomercial is going to help our business to grow. This is for
their newer company, The Berry Tree. If you want to get in now and
placed in a position to benefit from the infomercial traffic, you can join
for $4.95 for your first month!

I host product calls every Tuesday night with the company owner,
Bob Bremner. I have met Bob in person, and he is a classic gentleman
who is concerned with the health of people everywhere.

Bob Bremner is so committed to saving lives around the world that he has
set up a Save A Child program. We send one of our patented products to
Africa where we are saving thousands of lives. These children would have died
from Malaria, but thanks to the generosity of Nutronix and members, like me,
we can make a change. Bob matches our gifts of New Silver Solution that we
sent to parts of Africa. That way $10.00 can save between 1-4 children.

My goal is to personally save 1000 lives through my efforts to promote
this great humanitarian effort of Nutronix International. Once I reach
that goal I will go for my second round.

When a company supports a charity and saves lives it means a lot
to me.

There is a lot more excitement ahead in 2009. I will be writing about
it soon.


Join The Berry Tree Now.

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