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New, Free: This Is Your Night "Private" Social Networking Site Has Features Never Seen Before in Social-nomics!

You are Invited To The Newest, Free and 'Private' Social Networking Community!

Hi all!
The weather has been beautiful here in NY. the last
few days and it's about time, I say!
I find the weather really has a huge impact on my mood,
these last few years. Hope that's not a sign of things to come as I age!

Welp, there's a new "kid" in the Free Social Networking Community since
about the beginning of this year.

There's many features including fantastic free advertising and networking!

It's already outpacing facebook's growth for the same time frame and
as you may already know, FB has more than 400 Million Members, Worldwide.

We'll be holding a webinar with the CEO of the company,
this Sunday, 3/21/2010 at 8pm, EST.

I don't recall ever hearing that the founder of FB, Twitter or Myspace
held any type of training calls or webinars to show their members how
to use the many functions and what's planned for their site in the future. Hmmm....

Come to think of it, do we even know the names of those site's founders? Double-Hmmm...

The best part I like about Your Night is, Unlike FB, twitter, myspace...etc.,
with any posts the members make, we have the option of keeping it private and
within our own specific network profile or letting it be made public.

We have 5 different profiles and the option within each, to make it private or public.
Basically, we can choose who we want to see our posts. So if you want to post
to a family member about something a tad personal, ONLY that family member
will be able to read your private message. Now, I like THAT option!

There's even a private dating profile for us in case we're looking for
that special someone and don't want anyone to know who we're
co-mingling with or when. I don't think the dating sites, themselves,
even offer that option!

Your Night is currently by invite only and will probably stay that way as it
provides a better and more precise way of tracking for us members who are
sending, or referring, others to the site. You'll need my name or ID in order to
join and enter the Your Night Networking site.

Version 2.0 will be launched within a few weeks and I got a sneak preview of
what's in store for us all, last night. I couldn't sleep, after the webinar last night,
due to all the excitement and possibilities just from being a free member!

Since I Got Bold and Went Gold, I now have many more times the potential
of being a free basic member! That was more than I need to keep me awake all night!

I suggest you get yourself registered for this Sunday night's webinar/call at 8pm EST.
Better yet, head on over to Your Night Networking Site right now and join for free.

Go ahead....Go...You can quit at any time if you wish to, but at least give yourself
a chance to enjoy your time spent on your pc and see what all the excitement's about.

Go......Go Now....:)

To Your Success!
John Ferrari

P.S. I am making a special offer you can't refuse-:)
Your Night Networking Site is totally free to join, use and profit from
and there is a upgrade OPTION to "Go Gold" for a measely Ten bucks per month.

Believe me, if you attend Sunday's webinar at 8pm EST, you'll definitely
see that what we have there is worth 10x that upgrade and THAT is why I am
so confident that you'll stay on as a Gold member. In fact, so confident, that I'm
willing to give you your $10.00 back, out of my own pocket, if you decide to quit
after having upgraded. For whatever reason or No Reason at all!

This offer is only available for the FIRST 17 people who go now and join from
my Your Night Networking page and "Be Bold and Go Gold" at $10 per month.
I will contact you upon receiving confirmation of your joining from my page.

It's Totally free to join and you are NOT pressured or required to Go Gold.
So GO on Over Now and Join.
I know you'll be glad you did.

Take Care and Have a Great Weekend!

"After All these Years I Finally Discovered That the Secret To Success Was Neither On The Couch or On TV."
John F.

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