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Network Marketing Training - 6 Quick Tips for Making Persuasive Phone Calls Now


I took this photo of a lazy little inlet around the block from our home in Hoi An, Vietnam. The scenic tributaries run from the nearby South China Sea.

Are you terrified to speak with network marketing prospects over the phone? Do you know how quickly you can build cash gifting trust with ONE simple phone call? The telephone helps you form an instant connection. Hearing a voice behind the name and face disarms skeptical prospects. Some people are stunned to receive a follow up call after opting-in. Why? Most people ignore calling every prospect who provides their phone number. Calling people adds a personal touch and makes you STAND OUT. On to the benefits.

Network Marketing Training


Receive more cash gifts quickly. Convert network marketing prospects with less effort. Build instant bonds. Make a powerful impact on people hungry to join your team. Making money online becomes easier if you go the extra mile. Get over your fears, make the call and grow your team quickly. Let’s check out the tips.

Tip 1 – Smile Before Calling

Smile before every phone call. Prospects feel your energy through the line. Laugh a bit before phone calls. Lighten up. Never make a call from a serious vibe. Detach from outcomes. Become more persuasive.

Tip 2 – Identify Yourself and Your Intent

ID yourself. Explain that the individual visited your website about “X” hours ago. Ask if the individual has questions about cash gifting, network marketing, or your home based opportunity. Displaying clarity and honesty makes your message more compelling.

Tip 3 – Listen

Listen for answers. The answers after your questions provide clues. Some people have no questions, but might chat a bit. Listen closely. Their words might provide why they want to prosper making money online.

Tip 4 – Respond

NEVER react. Listen, think and respond. Persuasive people are masters at listening, THINKING and then responding.

Tip 5 – Time Calls

Time calls. Carry a sense of urgency on each call. Be calm, confident and focused. Five to 10 minutes on initial calls. You always have another call to make or another 10 cash gifting opt-ins to generate.

Tip 6 – You Are the Interviewer

People respond to posture. YOU select individuals to join your team. No chasing. No desperation. If someone is not a match – desperate, or needy, or lazy – do both parties a favor, let them know, and release. Developing authority makes your message persuasive. People listen to leaders.

Network Marketing Training – Summary

Smile. ID yourself and your intent. Listen. Respond. Time calls. Interview individuals and select matches with care. Use these 6 tips to make persuasive network marketing phone calls now.

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The Peoples Program Team
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