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Network Marketing Mastery - 7 Quick Tips for Duplicating Your Team Now

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Are you having a tough time duplicating your network marketing team? Do you find yourself recruiting like a beast just to make a few bucks? Your system is likely flawed. No need to kill yourself prospecting like an animal, starving for money. No need to work 18 hour days just to make ends meet. Duplicate your team. Follow a few quick tips daily to make your job easier. Let's check out the benefits of duplication.

Network Marketing Mastery


Grow your cash gifting team on auto-pilot. Make money online while spending time away from your laptop. Set up recurring passive cash flow. Change the lives of your team members, offering your crew a duplicable, prospering system. Tap into the secret of massive network marketing wealth: duplication. Ready for the tips?

Tip 1 - Live One On One Training

Provide all new team members with live one on one training. Use webinar software to conduct training sessions.

Tip 2 - Weekly Webinars

Run live weekly home business or webinars to duplicate more effectively. Run meetings for your team and include your list as well to increase conversions.

Tip 3 - Run a Blog

Post frequent, up to date articles teaching your team how to prosper. Pack current tips and strategies to prosper online.

Tip 4 - Newsletter

Publish a weekly home business newsletter to keep your team current. Bump up to 2 emails per week to accelerate duplication.

Tip 5 - Inspire

Inspire your team. Post high energy quotes on social sites. Shoot high energy videos.

Tip 6 - Open Channels

Open channels of communication. Set up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Help your team keep in contact with you.

Tip 7 - Phone and Skype

Post your phone number and Skype number across multiple channels. Your cash gifting team needs to be able to reach you with a quick call. Check your voicemails at least once daily.

Network Marketing Mastery - Summary

Offer live one on one training webinars for each member of your team. Run weekly training webinars for your entire team and list to increase conversions. Run a blog. Post weekly newsletters. Inspre. Open social channels of communication. Post your phone number and Skype across multiple channels. Use these tips for duplicating your network marketing team quickly.

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The Peoples Program Team
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