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Network Marketing Mastery - 4 Quick Tips for Generating Leads on Auto Pilot Now

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Are you tied to your network marketing business all day long? Do you struggle to attract leads if you take time off? You should be generating leads while you sleep. Note: no such thing as something for nothing. Automating - in different forms - requires some effort on your part. Sow. Reap. Cash gifting or home business pros enjoy the benefits of passive lead generation by setting up an effective automation campaign. This includes automating AND adding a personal touch to your marketing strategy. Let's dig in!

Network Marketing Mastery


Travel the world while making money online. Kelli and I have hit Bali, Phuket, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam during our current 14 month trip through Southeast Asia. We enjoy the sites and sounds of our trip - see the picture above - while receiving passive cash flow. Work less, play more. Spend more time on income producing activities. Set it, forget it and attract leads while you chill with the fam. Leverage your presence. Be in multiple places at one time, helping you reach more targeted prospects quickly. Ready for the tips?

Tip 1 - Use a Multi-Network Tool

Use a tool like Seesmic to post your network marketing content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr at the click of a button. Schedule updates for the following day. Pay a few dollars each month for 50 updates or unlimited updates.

Tip 2 - Tweet Old Blog Posts

Use the Tweet Old Post plug in on Wordpress to send out hourly automated tweets of your old blog posts. Generate steady cash gifting leads on auto-pilot

Tip 3 - Promote the Heck out of Others

How's this for attracting leads while you sleep? Aggressively promote other people. When someone with a massive tribe retweets your stuff you generate 5 quick leads - or more - on auto-pilot. You do some legwork, hit a RT button, and the auto-pilot part kicks in later. Smart!

Tip 4 - Engage

Here's the key to keys. People hate bots. If you fully automate your campaign people ignore your streams. So be a person, not a bot. Automate some processes but engage frequently on social networks to build trust, generate leads and begin making money online like a pro.

Network Marketing Tips - Summary

Use a multi-network tool. Tweet old blog posts. Promote others. Engage. Use each quick tip to effectively automate your network marketing lead generation. 

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Ryan Biddulph
The Peoples Program Team
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