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Whether you use Bing, Google, or Yahoo you'll find hundreds of websites offering you free MLM leads. Now isn’t it strange to find an MLM lead generation business giving away a thousand free MLM leads?

This is what happens...  They have you fill out a form. They want to know your name, email address and maybe even you postal mailing address then they will email you a link where you can download a free mlm leads list.

But when you think about it, you just paid the price, quite a big price just to obtain what is probably an old worthless list of "MLM lead prospects" who are probably not even interested in your offer, much less qualified. And now, you are part of the MLM lead list!

'Not Even Interested' Free MLM Leads

Quite a bit of time goes into generating the contact info for someone who isn't evening looking to start their own MLM business. Someone who also does not have the time or money to begin.

You might ask, "why would anyone give away a free MLM lead list?"

They answer is, they do not.

MLM leadsKeep in mind that all of the free MLM lead lists you acquire out there will now have your contact information and there's a good chance that you will now find yourself on on the very list you are trying to sell to. This lead list could be sold and/or given away to thousands of people! Those people are trying to market their MLM program or product to you thinking that you are a prospect.

And even is that's not the case, no two MLM lead lists are the same. Some are really great, but most are a lousy waste of time. For example, if they didn't asked to be contacted, you may be wasting your time.

This is called a co-registration lead, and is usually just the name and email address of a person who completed a form just to have a chance to win something ort get something free.

But a phone/email/postal mail verified lead has responded to a real MLM business opportunity.  They have actually really shown interest and may have a strong desire and ability to start an mlm business.

The Best Free MLM Leads

Obtaining prospect lists containing top quality MLM leads can be done all by yourself using the laws of attraction marketing.

By creating your own MLM leads, you'll save tons of time and cash.

One example of attraction type marketing is simply write some articles which talk about issues that your target audience has and give them solutions.

At the bottom of the article place a 'call to action.'

Once your article is published, make sure you promote it. Simply wait for the targeted prospects of people who are looking for answers about your MLM program, product or service.

Social Media Can Bring Free MLM Leads

All types of forums, blogs, and other social media outlets such as Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn are great place you find your prospects.

Make some new friends, promote your special expertise, be sure and brand yourself by simply turning into someone who is helpful and wants to make a contribution.

The attraction marketing technique has a way of working simply by promoting your program, marketing your services and products comes at a later time when people have started to trust and get to know you.

That's a simle and easy way to generate your own free MLM leads and make some new friends, all without getting tons a spam emails.

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