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MGTOW & Home Business: Best Relationship Option for Men

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Publisher: Vaurn James

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Marriage is GOVT., sanctioned P-O-N-Z-I

scheme where Lawyers can steal more

money with a briefcase than a thousand men

with guns and masks”....... Vaurn James &

Don Corleone

Now, you heard the saying, “friends don't let friends

drive drunk?”. Well, “REAL friends don't left friends

get married”. This is especially true for men, because

Marriage and Fatherhood are businesses for Women

and Govt to collectively extract resources from men

once, the business relationship (Marriage and/or

Fatherhood) no longer benefits the woman. Indeed,

sounds like True Love..”NOT”. It's about Business.

Now, in the immortal words of the rock band Fleetwood Mac,

Go Your Own Way” and that's what many MEN are doing,

they are “Men Going Their Own Way” or better known as

MGTOW. Yes, the movement is growing, the reasons are

CLEAR and the benefits are OBVIOUS. Now, what does

MGTOW and Home Business have in common that would

make it a symbiotic relationship? Well, the main benefits

are as follows:

  • Economic Independence,

  • Self Development,

  • Male self-discovery

  • Relationship Building (business contacts NOT Women) .

  • No Man is FREE who is not master of himself”

One of the outstanding benefits of MGTOW is the quest

and support for financial independence and learning about

the Science of Money. MGTOWS like Tom Leykis,

Tommy Sotomayor and Vention MGTOW, often share

information about the importance of saving, investing and

limiting costs by AVOIDING things like marriage, girlfriends

and children. A sad reality for many men reared by single

mums are they often possess a Poverty Mindset that

frequently leads to further poor decisions that cripple

themselves financially (Child-support & Alimony).

Recently, it was allegedly that celebrities like rapper

DMX and former NBA basketball star Latrell Sprewel,

have suffered severe financial hardships despite

signing contracts worth several millions of dollars.

Unfortunately, a Poverty Mindset minus remains with

many men of colour, while absent the Champion Mindset

that is about learning, making adjustments and overcoming


Now, the traditional route many men take in Life is to tie

the Old Noose...I mean Knot and become a husband/Father;

however, both institutions are now Businesses & Monestised

for the benefit of Women and the State. Think about it logically,

when you marry then, you invite the State the tool women

use to Control and Coerce men into your life to such a degree

that's it impossible to say you are pursuing your own male

identity and quest for sovereignty”.

Because you signed a Legal Contract then, it's easier for the

woman to call upon the State to inflict violence via proxy

if, she doesn't agree with your quest for male sovereignty

via extraction of your resources and personal freedom”.

Remember, “the more female control you let into your

life then, less you you are able to enjoy the p******* of


Ask yourself the question is the Business of Marriage &

Fatherhood worthwhile investments? Well, from a male

perspective the answer is increasingly “NO” due to

current Gender-Bias Laws that treat men unfairly. So, let's

look at anther alternative to Women and Children, that

appeals to men. Yes, Money and Power which ironically

is the ultimate Aphrodisiac that attracts women. Want

Money and Power then, Home Business provides the ideal

opportunity for men who want to AVOID Female and

GOVT Control of their lives. If, this appeals to you then,

continue to read this information.

In some ways Marriage has evolved into a Home Business

where after the divorce long-term residual income is still

generated in the form of Alimony (Temporary,

Rehabilitative & Permanent). Imagine, continued

payment to a former partner years after the separation.

Clearly, not a wise investment for any intelligent

businessman because you are reeving no current VALUE.

So, as a MGTOW how about a Business Relationship

where you develop an Intimate- Partnership with

customers/clients because you recognise the benefits

of a WIN-WIN situation, while bypassing the

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Marriage and eventual, Divorce.

Now, “You, are your business and you represent what

your business is all about” ; therefore, Success or

Failure is all based on you and nobody else. Makes

sense; therefore, investing in yourself to become a

better businessman is critical to your survival.

So, are you ready to increase your VALUE and Skills

as a Home Business owner/entrepreneur and generate

Consistent, Predictable and Long-Term Residual

income for Yourself and not your former partner?

Ready to engage in self development by critiquing the

pros and cons about yourself that makeup your character

and who you are as an individual?

If yes, then, I invite you to examine our information and

eliminate any Self Limiting Beliefs that are costing you

Money and accelerating YOUR arrival in the MLM Cemetery.

Oh yes, since attorneys are involved in Marriages

the following famous quote should always be kept

in mind, "“We are all honorable men here, we do

not have to give each other assurances as if we

were lawyers.” 
― Mario Puzo
The Godfather

A young man married is a man that's marr'd.

(All's Well That Ends Well 2.3.297)

(C) 2015 All Rights Reserved.

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