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Best Selling Book: How To Get More Customers From Google, YELP & Yahoo: Local Web SEO - Winter 2012

"I don't have the time to become an expert in SEO. This guide provided enough knowledge and a full step-by-step process. When I was done, I had not only learned everything I needed to know about it, but I'd also done the whole thing and gotten my business on the major local search tools!" - R. Baco

"This book is totally up to date. Accurate. Gives information of where to go and, most importantly, how to achieve high rankings for local search on the Search Engines. It lists and explains strategies and sites that will allow any local business to be seen and be found = more customers." P. Lau

"This book actually delivers on the promise to give you a simple, clear, actionable and workable process for achieving and managing SEO...

It's also a great tool for delegating the whole enchilada, whether from the git go or after you do the initial setup. You'll have the template and it becomes a checklist that allows you to hand off the maintenance and upgrading (new photos, video, etc) to someone else." T. Dotz
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