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Hello There,

When You Get Started With The

Streamline Funnel System You

WILL NOT Have To Do Any Of The

Following In Order To Make Money:

#1: Spend any time learning or figuring out online marketing techniques or methods

#2: Explain the opportunity or Convince prospects to fact you don't even need a phone.|

#3: Subscribe to any additional services or pay for any additional tools|

#4: Pay for advertising or marketing, not even Pay-Per-Click|

#5: Own a website or a domain |

#6: Purchase leads or mailing lists of any description whatsoever |

#7: Pay for anything else other than your Streamline Funnel System premium membership|

#8: Spend more than 10 minutes a day on your business

If you are already doing any of the above, just keep doing it and you will make even more money with this system.

It's time to work smarter NOT harder... It's time to work smarter NOT harder...

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To Your Auto-Pilot Success,

Errol James (aka Jimmy)

105 Belair St. Apt. 722
Brockton MA 02301
Home 508 659-6602
Cel 508 232-9039

Skype name: earjames

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