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Law of Attraction Tip - Acting As If Your Dream Is True Now

Being on working holiday for the last 13 months I’ve learned to act like a world traveler.

My first flight was 13 months ago. JFK in New York City to Bali, Indonesia.

Yeah, I jump into things.

Quickly, I acted as if I was a globe-trotter. I had no choice.

JFK to Osaka. Osaka to Taipei. Taipei to Denpasar. In 3 days I hit 3 countries. 3 different airports. One layover in Taiwan . A ton of travel.

Pretty easy to feel like a traveling fool, crossing the globe, in 3 days no less.

I was taught a neat law of attraction lesson: to act as if your goal has manifest you need to dive in to your dream, feet first.

Like…to go from NEVER being on a plane to flying 22 hours from New York to Bali.

Law of Attraction “As If” Tip

Want to be a millionaire? Do what millionaires do. Dive in.

Start hosting webinars. What, can’t do it? Don’t feel comfortable acting like a millionaire?

Then you will never be a millionaire. No worries.

Seriously. You need to act “as if” if you want to be, then become the person you dream to be.

Dive in. Jump in. Start a blog. Practice in public. Create content, share the content across social networks, connect with leaders in your niche.

Act as if you are already a millionaire.

You can see yourself being a person of power until you are blue in the face, but until you act like a millionaire, and do like millionaires do – without millions in your bank account – you do not attract millions.

No Recklessness

Diving in does not mean acting reckless. Nor does it mean acting desperate, or hurrying, or using force.

It means acting like the person you want to be, now, being patient, acting calm, yet…still…acting “as if”.

Example: you never hosted a live webinar. So you click here:

Free Online Webinar Site

Do 2 or 3 practice webinars, by yourself, over the course of a week…then you invite your buddies to your first live webinar….and do the webinar.

While doing your practice webinars you seek out advice from webinar mavens in your niche and of course, you listen in on a few webinars, to formulate a blue print for your meetings.

No Escaping It

You will not make millions by sitting on your booty. You need to do what millionaires do: provide immense value to your target market.

Write blog posts. Pen articles. Shoot videos. Run webinars.

Dive in. Act “as if”. Be the person you want to be, now, and watch how quickly you attract the ideas, people and circumstances to make your dreams come true.

Your Turn

How do you act “as if”?

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