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Law Of Attraction Power Tip - Attracting Money Quickly


Ever notice how people who acquire large fortunes never seem to talk much about money?

Even in their leaner days?

Tony Robbins mentioned how after his company went public he amassed well over a quarter billion dollars in a split second.

It was during a seminar. An assistant called Tony aside, mentioned the share price, and his net worth.

Tony said…”Great,” and went back to the webinar.

He literally didn’t think twice about it because he was so busy helping people, FEELING FREE, feeling joyous.

He understands the secret in the law of attraction.

I shot a quick video this morning covering the topic…check it out…

Law of Attraction Truth

Money is freedom. Money helps you do more, have more, be more.

If you struggle to attract money you do not feel free, persistently.

No, I don’t mean feeling free for 5 minutes out of a 24 hour day.

Nor do I mean feeling free for an hour.

I mean feeling free for MOST of the day, like, almost all of it.

This can feel like the chore of chores until you commit to feeling free.

Until you do whatever it takes to generate the feeling of freedom.

Meditating persistently. Visualizing persistently. Starting a gratitude journal. Posting a vision board within your reach. Doing a money dance.

All that stuff helps you feel free. So if you aren’t attracting money persistently you need to do this stuff, for at least a few hours daily, to begin feeling free most of the time.

Uh Oh Look Out!

Your ego might fight you.

“Count your blessings, isn’t that what holy rollers do?”

Nah, it’s what rich people do. Because rich people know that feeling free persistently attracts vehicles for freedom…one of which is money.

You must feel free to attract money.

You can’t bust your ass all day, working like a dog. Not freeing. Confining. Means you repel money.

Work light, calmly, and persistently. Smart, persistent work attracts fortunes.

Hard, strained work attracts a litany of health issues, along with a possible early spot in the grave.

Force negates. Calm, light, confident power attracts.


Feeling free detaches you from outcomes. When detached from outcomes money manifests more quickly in your life. Like magic, really.

Most people have a horrific relationship with money. So thinking about money means thinking about lack, about feeling bound, about money running out.

This free feeling emotion takes your mind OFF money and moves in onto the feeling which having money will generate.

Neat, how it works…neat, how we are designed.

Law of Attraction – Your Turn

Do you feel free throughout the day? How can you do a better job of lightening up and attracting money?

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Ryan Biddulph
The Peoples Program Team
Phone: 908-315-5482
Skype: ryan.biddulph2

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