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Featured Designer Interview with Nicole

Today’s interview is with Nicole from North Carolina!  Her story LadyFry is filled with fun design and amazing wildlife photography.  She is indeed a fan of unicorns and dragons – who isn’t?



Zazzle: Tell us about yourself! Where are you from, where do you live?


My mother was in the Navy so we moved around a lot.  I went to school in the State Capitol area of Raleigh, North Caroline.  I actually went to medical school but then decided it was too boring.  In my heart, I wanted to do fashion but I don’t know how to sew.  I was so glad to learn about Zazzle.  I’ve only had just a few sales but I’m very excited about growing my business.




Zazzle: What is your background in art and design?



I used to build websites as a hobby.  I really liked to do that.  It’s kind of similar to Zazzle – you’re designing layouts and images for products not websites – but it’s the same concept.  I’m 100% focused on Zazzle now – and I get to work from home with my dogs!




Zazzle: How did you get started with Zazzle?



I started in October 2013.  It was all rather lucky – I was looking for a job at that time, and I read an article that said you can make products and sell them online – I thought I’d just try it.  It turns out that I love making designs and selling products with Zazzle!





Zazzle: Where do you find your inspiration?


I get ideas from my mother – my mother passed away recently – I promised her before she passed away that I’d do something positive with my life.   And Zazzle is truly a blessing!  I live in the middle of nowhere – there are rabbits, foxes, roses – wildflowers.  All of my digital photography is from the area around me.  Also one product was a bit random - I took a close up photo of the tutu fabric – and that sold!




Zazzle: Tell me about your dogs!


I have two Shih Tzus.  They are playing around me right now.  They keep me company while I’m uploading my designs to Zazzle.  My dogs are really cute – Little Bow is the female, and Chew Chew (the male) is called that because he likes to bite.  I am lucky I get to work from home – during the day I’ll upload some products – I’ll do Quick Product create – and then edit each produc.t  Once it’s approved and posted for sale – I do a happy dance – woohoo!!





Zazzle: What are your favorite Zazzle products to design?


I really like the phone cases.  It looks just so attractive and sleek when you put the artwork on there.  I also like the coffee mugs – unicorns and dragons are my favorite designs at the moment.




Zazzle: Are you active on social media?


This is my goal for 2014!  I just started on Pinterest last week.  I have all of 11 followers on Pinterest – but I’m just getting started!  I’m going to keep pinning my products from my Zazzle store on Pinterest.  I’m going to do more on Facebook and Twitter.  I’m excited to continue to promote my products on social media to get more attention and hopefully more sales.

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