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Kudos to Worldprofit's new sales champ: Octogenarian Wallace Johnson

At an age (84) when most folks are putting their feet up
and relaxing, California-based Wallace Johnson is
racking up -- sales trophies and big commissions!

Wallace, a former Test Pilot with the Apollo Project,
has just captured Worldprofit's August monthly sales title,
besting two seasoned marketers, Linda Elze and
Tony Stilter, to take home the bacon.

Worldprofit prides itself on being a home
business ANYONE from 18-100 can do profitably
part- or full-time. Wallace, at age 84, is the oldest
member of Worldprofit and his conclusive victory
proves the point.

You, too, can succeed if you follow our proven system.

If you are not a Worldprofit Member give us a try!

For information on how you can start
profiting today for the rest of your life, go to

This month Worldprofit celebrates our 15th Anniversary!
We started as a home based business back in 1994, and have been helping others around the world build their own home business. Let us help you too!

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