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It's About Relationship Bldg. Forget Marriage & Do Home Business

It's About Relationship Bldg. Forget Marriage & Do Home Business's Home Business Report

Monday, March 28th 2016

Publisher: Vaurn James

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“ A good decision is made based on knowledge

and not numbers”....Plato  


Indeed want success in business or anything

in life then, it is achieved primarily through

Knowledge and Evidence -based PROVEN

methods of research and NOT emotion or hope.

If, this makes sense to you then, it's critical you

recognise that “the direction in which education

starts a man will determine his future”.


So, are you ready to access and implement

educational material that will help you learn

that Traditions like anything in life change

because critical thinking evolves over time

and reveals the truth or other options that

are beneficial toy your success.


READY to Learn.....I Hope.


Yes, marriage is the original home business;

however, it's also, the ultimate P-O-N-S-I

scheme and worse it's LEGAL.  No surprise

when endorsed by GOVT like gambling

because the House (GOVT) gets a LARGE

piece of the action and you cannot get out

easily because you signed a legal contract

and the price for dissolving the “blessed

Union will cost you more than when you

joined....Lifetime Alimony or better known



Indeed, as a businessman you wanted to

generate Consistent, Predictable and Long-term

Residual income but, you failed to recognise your

intimate relationship was in fact, the Real Business.



Yes, MARRIAGE is a business as indicated by

two people forming a Corporation and combining

their assets; however, the overall operational

cost as many divorcees know can be very

expensive as indicated by those living under

Community Property Laws (Yeah, she gets Half!!)

......... Sorry, no Chapter 11, when you tie the old

Noose.... I mean Knot.


Alright, marriage as a business model with it's

50% failure rate is clearly, a bloody loser;

however, a better alternative to it is Home

Business with a 95% failure rate. Now, why would

anyone offer a SOLUTION with a higher failure

rate as a better option than one with a lower

rate of failure?


Well, the answer is quite simple.... Relationship

Building in MARRIAGE involves ONE partner, but

in Home Business your partners are several in

number. Additionally, their is no intimacy in

Home business, while in Marriage as a Business

Model you frequently violate the old proverb that

says, "Never mix business with p*******".


Relationship Building is critical to the success

of any business; therefore, it is critical that YOU

bring VALUE to those, who would benefit from your

products/services.  They will only buy from you once,

trust has been established or more precisely, a

relationship has been developed.  It is no secret that

people invest more time and effort when trying to

generate MONEY, while many blindly enter personal

relationships that have possible marriage potential.


So, Ready to learn Protocol and other Proven

Methods of generating Consistent, Predictable

and Long-Term income that product profitable

Relationships?  If yes, then, I

invite you to review our Information.


Email: thebritishsas@gmail.


Expose your enterprise to the Global Masses...

700,000 websites....Massive EXPOSURE generates

consistent Income.




(C) 2016 All Rights Reserved.


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