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Is Rehiring Good Option to Fulfill Job Vacancies?

It was an occasion of joy for everyone in the organization finding their manager colleague Ritik back at senior position. Ritik was frustrated earlier and was finding himself stagnant in his career. Top management was not very happy over his performance and that’s why they had never entertained his request of salary enhancement. Ultimately, he had decided to quit and joined at senior position with a hike of rupees Twenty Five Thousand salary in another company and luckily, he got that opportunity.

Somehow, his earlier organization could not find an appropriate replacement of Ritik nor he could relish in his new job in Delhi. Knowing that his post had not been filled up, Ritik approached HR Head, Mr. Ganeshan and expressed his wish to join the organization again. Ganeshan found it very positive and assured him to put up his case to the top management with positive recommendation. It didn’t take much time to convince Top Management for the approval of accepting Mr. Ritik’s request.

It was mutually decided between the top management and HR Head that it would be best to get him joined at his existing position and at his current salary. Obviously, Mr. Ritik had nothing to negotiate much as he was anxious to quit his existing job. After a little bit hesitation, that too superficial, he agreed to join at his current salary and designation.

What a win win situation!

Really not!

After a month or so, a considerable performance decrease was observed by the top management and the work spirit and motivation level of managerial cadre was going down day by day. While performance of Ritik was not better in any manner than earlier one, rather, over confidence and pride was very common in his attitude. Nothing went visibly wrong as per the HR report, and then what went wrong?

After a lot of informal feedback and as a part of gossip it came to surface that the team had started believing that the changing of job is the only solution to get out- of- turn promotion and attractive hike in salary. Recent example was Ritik who got promotion as well as salary hike of rupees Twenty Five Thousand while in his earlier term, just six month back, he used to be considered an under performer and was not a deserving candidate for any salary hike and/ or promotion. HR department tried their best to justify Ritik’s terms but what was not justified was truly unjustified.

Such mistakes are being committed inadvertently by HR Department, time and again. Rehiring an employee needs extra care and formation of policies should never ignore psychological aspects of Human Resource, otherwise, HUMAN RESOURCE remains MANPOWER only and can never be utilised as a RESOURCE.

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