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Introduction to support the UBIEE EVENT in Melbourne. My Quest for Peace !

UBIEE FUTURO-Plan Banner 1x14x30.jpg

Allow me to share with you what we are doing in Melbourne, and let me explain briefly without taking up too much of your valuable time.

The organization I mention above is called UBIEE Corporation and it is participating with its own Booth N�55 in the Melbourne Convention Center.

We are presenting a World Peace Solution to the participants of the convention, and presenting them with a simple Solution for World Peace that would make all the difference.

I am the One who believes that 1 x 14 x 30 is all it will take to make Peace.

I can also tell you that it is so simple it is mind boggling and I present it to anybody that looks like a potential peace loving individual.

The entire event and the whole trip to Melbourne is all being financed by our friendly and supportive Sponsors in our Quest for Peace. This alone is allowing us to present our Green UBIEE Organisation and to go there and be able to share the wealth we gain together as an harmonic team, in protecting our Planet's Environment.

We believe in and we support World Peace as an obligation and not an option for Planet Earth.

Would you like to become part of my Team of friendly and supportive Sponsors? If you do not mind me asking so directly.

A symbolic participation fee of 30 US$ gets you a Web banner Sponsor mentioning in the official organizational website and in the offline publications that will be promoted over the next 5 years.

There will be a mentioning in the Mass Media, and for the next following 5 Years your sponsorship support will be seen by millions of web surfers! If you are willing to contribute a little extra than the symbolic participation fee of 30 US$, a special promotional page, with truely affordable sponsor pricing has been set up for the interested Sponsors of the Melbourne Event, with daily traffic reaching over 800,000 page views, daily with the UBIEE SEO PRO MultiDomainRotation Network.

Allow me to ask you if 30 US$, would be within your momentary possibilities, to participate with me, as a symbolic participation and become a publicised Sponsor at our Melbourne Event for the following 5 years.

That is with off and online promotions and your name or business publicised.

I explain this specifically, because the promotions for and from the event are to be continued for 5 Years and therefore this would provide you with a great recognition for your symbolic sponsor participation, that most all Peace Loving people can afford.

A Quest for Peace! A small sum is a great opportunity to position yourself and your support for our Planet and for Peace.

Now allow me to share the URL with you, to register for your symbolic participation, since I would truly appreciate your participation as a sponsor in our Quest for Peace!

If you are interested in any other form of Sponsorship for the Event and to participate, please do not hesitate to let me know. We are all normal people with normal daily problems to solve and solutions to provide, and your participation would be personally important to me in Our Quest for Peace!

Here is the URL for the Website so that you can read more about it, and see its potential. I would also love to see you simply sharing it with your friends, as it is something very special to share.

Our UBIEE FUTURO-Plan is built to protect our Children from the Moment of their birth for the following 30 Years.

Best regards
Dr. Michael U Dolgoruky
UBIEE Corporation S.L.
Founder & Chairman
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