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If the Fed recognizes cryptocurrency,would that mean they control it?

If the Fed recognizes cryptocurrency,would that mean they control it?

3 minutes ago

bitcoin1488 -1 in cryptocurrency

If the fed recognizes crytpocurrency or partners up with forced sell-outs to create their own,
then it will be also be manipulated like gold. Used to save the dollar or even use speculation that it could replace the dollar driving the price up then with all the tricks of crashing it /wiping it out causing put options or whatever way Soros and the likes do it, (be used as blackmail by Rothschildillians)to be cashed in by the currency manipulators. Also could use it as official cryptocurrency shutting down the rest of them through confiscation /seizure as they wouldnt be legal tender. In fed we trust not hardly- the main reason why cryptocurrency is gaining steam despite all the marketing scams. In the end if the Fed pushes it/pumps it will be controlled by the Rothschilds.Arguement than war.

“The central idea here is that these cryptocurrencies operate on a strictly decentralized, peer-to-peer network — no crony plutocrats in a government agency, big bank, or any other sort of Fed administration have the power to regulate (read: manipulate) these kinds of currencies.”
Also there would be an endless supply that would cause banksters to get rich off fees/rates in a WEIMAR like way.Exchanges would have to be federally insured or seized.Either way the fed would own the exchanges. Any way you look at it the Fed wants to take cryptocurrency down to their level of deviant corruption.

To be researched further.

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