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I Made a Video Tutorial On Getting Started for Making Money Sharing Videos

Hello All!

From the Desk of the Publisher: The video sharing service I am part is a great way to earn extra income and be stay at home parent. As a mother of 4 children, and owner of a seasonal business, I found that this is a great online business.


Here are some of the ways you benefit from this service. The first is you get to cash in on views just like Youtube. Long gone are the days that they make money off of you, unless you are a creator of your own music.  Another benefit is you make money on views, shares and even sharing downloads if you choose. Best of all, its FREE to join! You can sign up as a pro member paying anywhere between $5 and up, if you choose. There are other ways to make money from the site such as sharing games and apps, however their main focus is the video service.  I have been part of the company since 2011 and they are still in business, which is a very good sign. 

To join, all you have to do is following link:

Following the link and signing up also supports our fashion company. If you have a business or organization, this also makes a great fundraiser.  Sign up NOW (at the green join now button to the right of the video)!!!


Youtube tutorial & Instructions by me

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