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If there is anything you should know about me in regards to this email, know this. I have millions of people, names, phones, emails, etc. that at one time or another belonged to Veretekk, Veremail, Blastomatic, etc. Almost all of them know who I am, many I can say are friends and these databases have been kept secure and updated.

Right now I am concentrating on building 10-20 strong members, recruiters, phone callers, not afraid to build this business, leaders, you know, my main 10.

After that, the rest of the business will be built under them.

After that I open the databases and recruit the masses.

After that I build the reach into the billions and recruit the masses.

After that I launch the Press Releases and recruit the masses.

After that I let lose the hounds and recruit the masses.

Remember in 90 days I brought in 1.7 million into Powernet.

Valentus is a total all up side and no down side business.

Take the challenge. Want me to call you? Pre Enroll and make sure you add your phone number and I will call you and give you 100% of my attention to help edify why I am going to move mountains to build Valentus.

You’re invited.

Thomas Prendergast
Valentus Diamond (In 22 days)

Hope, this information caught your interest:


Vaurn James

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