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Humility does a successful persona make!

It is a long age old saga that people try and ostracize someone who is a little different or queer in his opinions. For queer and different opinions usually are dissimilar people in the society. They don’t get happily with the generic, usual people with a usual mindset. Similar such person in today in discussion named Sam Chanin aka Shmuel Chanin or more lovingly called Mule Shmuel Chanin.


People who are anomalies in a regularized customized society are ridiculed for their expansive vision and all capacitating mindset; both these factors make Sam Chanin an adorable person. The best bit about such anomalies is that they are set to create history with their ever-evolving vision. They begin slowly, and race on steadily and one fine day they paint a picturesque life for themselves that exudes a gaping wow from the audience. World is an audience for such seekers. Few common examples of the so assumed rebel are Picasso, Einstein, Dheerubhai Ambani. All of them rested in their graves with an excelling innings and everlasting space in book of history. Shmuel Chaning is similar such story.


Mule Shmuel Chaninbegan his life in a regular town of New York, and steadily began his industries called the Quantum group. The business was a small set up but Sam Chanin brought it to a pleasant level with his industriousness & hard-work. Today he is a thriving business man; he excels at what he does, has added over thirteen companies to his ever-expanding list of industries and has tried his expertise and multi-tasking abilities at several new enterprises.


He keeps invigorated and ever-interested in life with the help of his two little lovely daughters. They keep in inclined to undertake or initiate something new each day and return the best to the society. Owing to his propensity of delivering larger than life each day, his compatriots, business mates & executives lovingly call him Muel Shmuel Chanin. He keeps this as a priority to return to the society what he takes from it! Therefore, he invests time, energy & money in several orphanages, schools and old-age homes.


Few know that CEO of the Quantum group is a solemn philanthropist also. He exerts strenuously to keep his compatriots and fellow human beings happy. Those who have seen him exerting selflessly at the Orphanage or the old age home will truly be able to understand what ‘God-fearing’ really means! The trueness in one’s behavior and love for each one is also visible in his treatment of his two pets. He cares for one and all around him; the same thing is claimed by all those who have ever got a chance or the good luck to work under him. Despite consistently urging all to perform at their hilt or function best, he is still compassionate, considerate and caring about his subordinates. . Sam Chanin ensures that each festival is celebrated with pomp and gaiety at his office. For him every event, occasion, person or occurrence holds special meaning. Such is the man: simple, humble & larger than life!

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