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* Income Calculation is Based on a $20 per month subscription - For Education Purpose Only
The calculation is based on the Direct Team income projection and not an guarantee income
The Group Team income is not included due to the variation of the time, date and quantity of members under your team

6VIA Affiliate Network Platform

The Reward System
You receive credit points for referring businesses to individual Affiliate Providers. Each 100 points is equal to US$1.00.
Each provider has a different Reward Point System. Please check the Reward Table on each provider.

Earn 4 kinds of income:
1. Group team residual income in 5 ranks
2. Direct team residual income up to 10 levels
3. Life-time commission for referring a product provider
4. Life-time commission for achievement of founder goal

The potential income is for education purpose and it is no guarantee the member can make this income. The income is based on personal performance.

The Potential Income displayed is based on the following assumptions:
1. You are an Active Member (subscribe a $20/M product)
2. 9 Active Members referred by you and all members in the 10 levels are referring 3-4 active members
3. projection of group team Rank2 commission

If you refer 9 Active Members (subscribe a $20/M product) and all the members in the 10 levels are doing the same work as you did. The 10 level commissions you receive will be over 600 million/Month.

However, there's no such perfect situation in the real world. If the outcome of above example is only 1%, your income is 1 million/M. If the outcome is 0.1%, your income is $100,000/M. If the outcome is 0.01%, your income is $10,000/M.

The real situation is that you can manage your own referrals and you may refer more than 9 Active Members and subscribe from many providers. Other members may refer more or less so the income is depended on personal performance.

The good thing is that you don't have any operating cost to run this business and you only need to refer members and businesses to get paid. © All Rights Reserved - 6Via Affiliate Network Platform

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