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Some people want to make their career as a blogger. But they are in a trouble how to start it from scratch. It is not much strenuous to start your own blogging platform. Obviously, everyone is in a qualm “how to get started”? So, here I am going to list answers to some of the questions which can solve your query. You can use responsive WordPress templates to design your own blogging website or you can give project to a web designing company. So, here we go into detail about starting a blog.

From where to start?
There are many writers and bloggers who specifically write on this topic itself. But, here I will depict it in brief. You have two options with you for starting your blog which are listed below. - First thing which you have to be aware of is that there are two types of WordPress. One is and other is is a simple blogging platform. But, you have to purchase a domain, from a place such that of GoDaddy and have to find a place to host your blog. On the other hand, is free of cost and is much similar to Blogger.

Blogger - It is available free of cost and is much easy and free to set up. After setting up your domain will look something like Blogger will host your blog and the process is much simpler. However, if you want a more resilient and functional platform then WordPress is a better option.

Does It cost money to start blogging?
It depends on you entirely. If you want to design your website free of cost then you can use blogger. If you want to earn from your blogs then starting your blog with WordPress will be a better option. As it made you available with a variety of themes(free and premium). Not only themes, along with that you get many other functionalities such as plugins, community support and many other. You can buy a premium theme or opt for free themes. I am suggesting some of the best online theme stores which you can refer.

4. Code In WP

How much technical Knowledge Do You require for starting a blog?
It depends, on a platform which you choose to start your blog. If you opt for WordPress then you need to be technically sound to solve some issues which arise when you start blogging. If you are not technically sound, then you can learn it easily. You have to be a little tech-savvy for that.

Instead of this, if you start with Blogger then things become pretty much easy for you.

What are the basic things which you need to start a blog?

Strategic plan: It only necessary when you want to earn from your blogging, otherwise strategic plan is not required. In which topics you want to right, proper SEO work and categories etc are necessary if you want to start blogging as a career.

Computer: It is a basic necessity. But, this is optional as well. You can also use mobile instead of a computer. But, some features are not supported in mobile which is supported by computers.

Content Plan: If you are looking to start your career as a blogger then making a content plan is pretty much obligatory. By this, people came to know about when you blog, what your blog is about and likewise.

Boundaries: Blogging is a time-consuming task, so it is better to set your boundaries. That is, you have to set up a schedule of your blogging. It is quite addictive as well so planing a schedule will help you out.

I hope you are now clear about notion of how to start a blog. You can design your blogging website with the use of responsive WordPress templates. Hope you all enjoy reading this article.

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