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How to Never Leave Money on the Table

Kelli and I are traveling to Bangkok in a few weeks.

We stopped by a local agency to inquire about tickets.

The crew was eating lunch at the time. Rather than service us, we quickly became aware that it was lunch time.

No issues with that. Different culture. Different customs.

But the agency left money on the table.

Barriers are important. So is taking money when money is there for you.

If the door is closed, or a “out to lunch” sign pops up in the window, the barrier is explicit.

If you are having lunch in front of the shop the barrier is not explicit.

How to Avoid the Error

So if money – or at least a potential sale – arrives, seize it. Seize the opportunity.

Most people are impatient. This crew heads to another agency. Buys tickets somewhere else.

Money left on the table.

Home Based Business Advice

Check your email daily. Check your social networks daily.

Open as many channels of communication as possible.

Never leave money on the table. People are waiting.

Work. Then unplug. Not working is as important as working.

Of course, when a sale drops into your lap, take it. Be accessible. Be responsive. Be ready.

I read too many stories about home business entrepreneurs who make a big sale right before they were ready to close shop for the day, or on their last call of the day.


Do not be fearful of missing a sale. The impulse leads to severe attachments, which leads to overworking, which leads to burn out, and no or few sales.

Nope. You never fear missing out in a Universe of infinite supply.

But you have faith that sales are waiting. So you remain accessible and responsive.

You are accessible but not always in reach.

Positive Expectancy – Your Pain

Expect good things to happen.

Painful, at first, for most people. You expect bad things to happen, and if you don’t succeed online quickly, you have to deal with the pain of your limiting beliefs seeming to come true day after day.

This was a massive block I needed to deal with. I would go days without checking my email because I feared seeing an empty inbox, or I feared not receiving cash gifts.

So it hurt to expect good things because I was so programmed to expect bad things.

I got through the block by checking my email and networks daily. By changing my predominant mental picture, to see good things happening now.

Home Business – Your Turn

How do you avoid leaving money on the table?

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