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You really understand your product you're not going to put a crappy product anybody's house the West because you had to stay behind at your mean that's your ran she and once you brand yourself you know what I mean you know the Nitro X Proseries price you have to use you know all the labor the way that it needs to be install you have partnerships already established with manufactures soothe manufactures going to stand behind you as a contractor to release the words he actually comes from the manufacture if you are a good contractor so skill it yeah absolutely so if you've got a quality contractor remember that your words he is actually coming are the manufacture if you don't have a quality contractor your manufactures warranty will be known port so really have no warranty if you're not require the contractor no matter what Nitro X Proseries they say you can say Icon tell you have a lifetime warranty ready for round two years right was out like they're working me yeah absolutely nothing actually helped right there you go so yes that's something you really think about are one question I we hear this a lot actually um what do you recommend a customer do when it comes to working around the time frame the contract right there some contractors out there who have skills 14 to contracts going onion their number thirteen and so you know it’s so hard session desperate situation %ah tatty get their complaints heard or can’t get things done in a timely fashion howdy people me what advice would you give about that does that make sense indeed yet absolutely no first things first you run a couple really great wiser Justin you know priorities you priorities yetis priorities straight if there's an emergency situation out there where summers get water home in the series going to cave and neck see no your going to be reinstated to reach drywall in the British flooring in repeating everything else you want to give emergency situations take care first they have to take rare have to take precedence yet to care about your color sequence if you don't we have no business in the distance so.

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