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How to get traffic to your website

The following methods can be used to get a lot of traffic to your blog or website:

  1. Using Video Sites: You can create and upload funny or tutorial based videos (in which you feature a link to your website) to video sites, you cal also add a link in your
    website to your video description. A very high percentage of those who
    watch your video will eventually click to your website.
  2. Releasing Press Releases: A very important way to get traffic to your website is by releasing free press releases (in which you link back to your website), the more press
    releases you release the more the traffic you get to your blog or website.
    If you make a lo of press releases, your press release can eventually make
    it to a news website like Google news thereby substantially increasing the
    amount of traffic to your website.
  3. Using Article Sites: Article sites are different from article directories. Article sites are sites like squidoo, huppages e.t.c. one of their main features is that they approve
    your articles instantly or at most 24hours while article directories are
    sites like ezineartices, goarticles, articlealley e.t.c and one of their
    main features is that your article might take anything from24hours to
    7days to be approved. Both article sites and article directories are
    important if you really want traffic on the long run because many of these
    articles will eventually be copied by other webmasters (useless for you if
    you are not wise though), thereby increasing the number of your backlinks
    and eventually traffic. A few list of article sites and directories are:

If you are not satisfied with the list (maybe you are more serious about your marketing efforts), you can use to research the rest.

A good tip is that you should not submit the same article to more than 10 different article sites or directories in order to avoid duplicate content but you can write 10 different articles and submit them to 100 article sites and
directories. It is also very important to make sure your links are in the
middle of the articles with your desired anchor text.

4. Using Social Bookmarking Sites: well, with my emphasis on social bookmarking sites you should have known their importance by now.

Getting your articles to the top of a social bookmarking site like Digg can give you tens and hundreds of thousand of visitors in a day, you can work on getting your articles to the homepage of popular social bookmarking sites (with
quality content of course) in order to get more traffic.

A short tip I will give you is that you shouldn’t depend on search engine traffic but rather look for some other better means of getting visitors to your website.

It is also very crucial to retain your present visitors (thereby making them customers) than thinking only on getting new visitors (who will also not last just as the other ones).

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