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How To Get 10-15 Targeted Opt-ins Daily Using Traffic Exchanges and Safelists

Wouldn't it be great to get 10 to 15 Targeted Opt-ins Daily,
Using Traffic Exchanges and/or Safe-lists?
This totally Free Report shows you how.

Here's a Little "Tip": Safe-lists are simply a "Traffic Resource" and
NOT a mailing list, although, I fully understand why many people may
consider safe-lists to be a mailing list. In reality, it's a Traffic Resource,
just as a Traffic Exchange is a Traffic Resource.

Would you like to see something exciting? Check this out...
While 10 - 15 Targeted opt-ins are very much a realistic amount
to get daily, for this example, we'll use a very conservative low number of 5.

If you add 5 people to your list, everyday, for the next month ( assuming 30 days per )
you will have 150 people that you can MARKET your business opportunity or product
to, ANYTIME you want. Now, if you keep adding just 5 people per day to your list,
over 1 year, you will have a list of 1825 subscribers... IN JUST ONE YEAR!

What happens If you commit to taking care of and building that list, over three years?
You will have 5475 people you can advertise to at any time.
Now, double that to 10 Targeted opt-ins per day and you'll have 10,950...
Triple it to 15 ( very realistic to do ) and you've got 16,425 people on your list...IN JUST 3 YEARS!

When you send 5475 e-mails to people who have fallen in love with you because you are
constantly giving and giving them quality information that is going to help THEM, they will
buy from you with ease and look forward to your future emails and promotions.

Even in you send an e-mail to all 5475 and only 20 ( much less than 1% ) of them buy
your $250 product, you will have made $5,000 for about 15 minutes worth of work.
When you do that two times per month then you can make five figures with your eyes closed
and start living your dream-life! I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to accomplish this.
All you have to do is Click Here And Download this amazing free report.



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