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How To Find a Virtual Assistant to Help With Your Publicity Campaign

Joan Stewart, a publicity speaker, trainer and consultant, compiled the “How to find a Virtual Assistant to Help With Your Publicity Campaign” after interviewing two very successful Virtual Assistants, Cindy Greenway and Diana Ennen.

The CD covers topics including:
* Tips on the best places to look for a VA
* What questions to ask to hire the right candidate
* Why hiring a VA is worth your while
* How much do VAs charge
* How VAs can find the right journalists for your genre
* Tips on finding multilingual VAs
* How your VA can manage your time and appointment calendar
* Which programs VAs use to answer your phone and emails to free up your own time
* Which software VAs should have and which ones you should provide
* What publicity work the VA can do for you
* How to know which VA is the right one for you
* How to teach your VA to take over a vast amount of your publicity campaign
* And more

By hiring the right VA who can take over part of your publicity campaign, you can generate more publicity and business while still having time to focus on other important parts of the business.

When ordering the CD, you can also download a 5 page handout which includes checklists and lots of tips and resources.

For more information, go to

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