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How to Create an Avalanche of Success Momentum

Check out our mode of transport.

We call her Piglet. The preferred mode of transport on the island of Phuket is traveling by motorbike.

You can soak in the stunning views, feel the crisp air and find parking spots with ease when trecking via motorbike.

After pulling back *a tiny bit* on Piglet’s throttle the bike takes off quite nicely. Why? Momentum. You balance out your w***** as the force of momentum carries the bike forward.

At this point, smooth sailing all the way to Nai Harn Beach, or Junceylon Mall in Patong.

Your cash gifting club or online business moves along nicely after you build success momentum..the first steps being to give your opp a little juice.

The cumulative effect of each successful act builds up and propels your opportunity into new levels of growth.

How do you build success momentum?


Each creative act is prospered. So the blog post or article you create today makes you money. Now. Or down the road.

Each creative act feeds into success momentum.

Note how wealthy folks seem to be hit by avalanche of money quickly? All the blog posts, articles, videos, help, 1 on 1 training, simply accumulated over months and years, reached a tipping point, and whammo…a whole lotta cash.

You are paid for each creative act. Now. Or later.

Slow and Steady

As I started riding the motorbike it was slow and steady. No big time pulling back on the throttle.

I gave the bike a little juice and it started to take off. Then I was cruising.

You need to give your cash gifting club a little bit of juice in the beginning. 1 blog post every few days to promote the opportunity. Or maybe 1 blog post per week.

Give it a little nudge. No, not 5 blog posts a day. This will lead to a crash.

A little juice now, to build momentum.

As your creating skills improve you can churn out blog posts daily.

The success momentum builds. You begin to make more money. You prosper.

All because each creative act is prospered.

The avalanche begins to form when your success momentum reaches critical mass.

The Enemy of Success

Impatience. Wanting it all today. Which leads to success momentum killing acts.

A person who provides nothing of value, who simply posts ads all day, will crash and burn fast.

Just like the rookie who pulls back on the throttle and crashes on a motorbike, this individual crashes and burns.

Success momentum never had a chance to build. Failure ensues.

Your Turn

How do you build success momentum?

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