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I dig watching movies at Jungceylon in Patong.

Killer feature last night, Men In Black 3. Loved it. 3 words: Boris the Animal.

Anyway I thought of an instant connection between the movies and how to connect with a prospect.

Watch as I discuss from Rawai Bay in Phuket...
(Text Below)

Connecting with Online Prospects

Forget being on top of the movie screen. You will spoil the experience, barely able to enjoy the flick. 

Forget being in the last row. You might as well be viewing a mega big screen TV.

Find the spot in between. The middle spot. The optimal spot.

Now, desperate people screw it up. Sitting in the first row. Shoving their home based business down people's throats. 

Every day.

This crowd repels prospects.

The unconfident, timid prospect who does not expect to make money sits in the back row. This dude or dudette never attempts to connect with prospects.

No phone calls. No personalized emails. Nothing. These folks are strangers to their list, and strangers go broke, fast, in the online world.

Just Right

Make immediate contact with a prospect. Send a personalized email or call individuals who sign up for your list.

Personal, not business. Simply thank the individual for subscribing and ask how you can help.

Connect with folks who express interest in your home based business on your social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Build a relationship.

Be a friend. Chat 'em up. Lighten up.

Check in with individuals who express strong interest in your opportunity every 2 weeks. Simply to ask how they are doing.

Again, personal, not business. Let your value-packed content do the selling for you.

Build trust. Prosper.

Your Turn

How do you connect with online prospects?

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