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Our Phuket vegetarian haunt over delivers.

The food is sensational. Fresh, tasty, copious servings. Tremendous selection.

The customer service is great too. Service with a smile.

So we go back. Everyday. As long as we are in Phuket.

When the owner closes on the weekend we are a bit lost. Many good restaurants around, but not THE restaurant.

Returning customers make money. Fill your pockets. Think of a return customer as a form of passive income.

Sure, you need to produce cash gifting or home business content persistently but no need to expend prospecting energy with this crowd.

Wealthy people run enterprises which attract rabid customers or team members, helping pad their pockets, while the fans or team members receive an awesome service or prosper with a powerful opportunity.

The Online Business Experience

We enjoy the experience of sitting down to an awesome meal in a friendly environment.

We crave it, sometimes looking forward to tomorrow’s meal immediately after we leave the spot.

She creates a tremendous emotional experience for people who like eating vegetarian.


The owner asks us at least once every day or 2 – we go every day the spot is open – if the food tastes good.

Persistent feedback. The woman does not rest on her laurels.

Online Business Return Customers

How valuable is your offering? Does your content leave people craving for more? Are people waiting for your next blog post?

To attract return customers you need to make the experience of digesting your content, connecting with you or working with you, unforgettable.

Like the restaurant owner you should serve with a smile, making your online business site or social sites a pleasant environment.

Inform and entertain with your content. Solve problems. Entice prospects with your value.

There Is No Tomorrow

This lady does it the right way. She establishes relationships and makes really good money.

Some of the tuk tuk drivers do it a different way. In their minds, there is no tomorrow. So they try to over-charge, get as much as possible out of a customer, totally forgetting the relationship part.

Understand that many of these people suffer financially. Desperation can tempt you to do things which repel money.

A few select tuk tuks who build relationships, who offer fair prices, who are pleasant, who do not chase potential customers, were busy all day long in our Chiang Mai apartment area.

They never lacked for work. Because they had return customers. Daily.

They created a pleasant experience.


Read your blog posts. Good, helpful stuff? Ask people for their opinion on your work. Solicit feedback.

Be pleasant. Respond to all comments on your blog with a :) , respond to all social networking comments or Likes, within the realm of what’s possible.

Create powerful value. Build a happy environment on your blog and social sites.

Smile when calling cash gifting or home business prospects. Laugh. Be polite.

Seek to improve your experience as much as possible.

Your Turn

Do you create a pleasant online business experience? Have you attracted return customers? Let me know in the comments area.

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The Peoples Program Team
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