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Meet Bixie the Wonder Cat.

He’s our resident soi cat here in Rawai.

Bixie is in hunt mode. A lot. If he sees a bird or lizard, fuggedaboutit! Stalking mode. Going for the kill.

The Wonder Cat has killed – to our dismay – 2 baby lizards in our home.

The thing that most strikes me about Bixie is his focus: it’s like nothing else exists when he locks on to prey.

He stops still. Zeros in. Become entirely still…then he slowly, methodically, moves toward his intended victim.

Got me thinking…Our Wonder Cat teaches you a powerful lesson in acquiring online riches.


Wealthy people focus on wealth. Focus on their goals. Their dreams. To the exclusion of all else, for the time being.

What you focus on – with laser concentration, expands.

You become rich online by doing things in a certain way.

Create value. Make connections. Daily.

Take each step in a calm, confident, peaceful, manner.

Yep…this takes serious concentration. But if Bixie can achieve laser focus, so can you.

Working your cash gifting club or online business means plenty of hours behind the computer.

Your thoughts will drift at times. Your feelings will shift.

How do you keep focused?

Frequent Breaks

Take 5 minute breaks every 1 to 3 hours. Observe your feelings. Shift accordingly.

Breathe Deeply

Breathe is life. Breathing deeply and slowly puts you in a calm, peaceful vibe. Easy to focus, feeling calm and peaceful.

No Worry Worts

Avoid online and offline worry worts. These energy vampires create a sense of panic in your being, if you hang with them, killing your powers of concentration as you feel and embrace their mental panic.

Your Turn

How do you increase your focus?

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Ryan Biddulph
The Peoples Program Team
Phone: 908-315-5482
Skype: ryan.biddulph2

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