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How Business Mastery - 7 Simple Steps for Increasing Leads on Your Blog Immediately


I snapped this shot of palm trees which line our street in Hoi An, Vietnam. Peaceful to watch as the palms sway gently in the wind.

Are you fed up with your home business lead generation campaign? Do you feel that creating leads via blogging is IMPOSSIBLE? Ease up! Attracting cash gifting or online business leads is not tremendously difficult if you take simple steps daily. All struggle is rooted in making simple steps way too complex. Adding more when you should include less. Trying too darn hard when easy rocks. Pull back. Take a deep breath. Let’s get into the benefits of increasing blog leads, shall we?

Home Business Mastery


Establish serious cash gifting or home business authority. Set up one stop shopping for prospects: post articles, reviews, webinars and videos on your blog, helping prospects connect with you and review your expertise. Generate leads with blazing speed as you publish new content in minutes. Hit the “Publish” button, head to the beach and return to an inbox full of new opt-ins. Yep, attract leads on auto-pilot by following simple steps…here we go.

Step 1 – Create Value

Receive leads by giving value. Sow. Reap. Solve problems. People with these problems pop up, and sign up at your squeeze page.

Step 2 – Go Nuts on White Space

Include serious white space on your blog. Direct readers to read your content by surrounding your content with ample white space. Your content is the most powerful form of advertising.

Step 3 – Reduce Clutter

Get rid of excess widgets or advertisements. Include your lead generating call to action – preferably linked up to your squeeze page, or provided via an opt-in form – up to 3 times on your blog. Pre and post article, along with a sidebar widget. Include little else on your blog to generate more cash gifting leads.

Step 4 – Easy to Share

Include social share icons to make your posts easy to share. Reach more people on social networks. Allow others to help you make money online.

Step 5 – Heavily Promote Bloggers

Aggressively promote other bloggers. Some bloggers promote you. Your content finds brand new networks, helping expand your reach.

Step 6 – Make an Impact with Commenting

Pen insightful, value-packed comments on blogs and social networks. Force readers to take notice. Attract more interested readers and friends, generate more leads.

Step 7 – Detach

Some screw up lead generation by obsessing over the act. Send out social updates showcasing your interests outside of business. Work for a set time daily then TURN OFF THE COMPUTER. Detach from outcomes. Lighten up. Make money online.

Home Business Mastery – Summary

Create value. Go nuts on white space. Reduce clutter. Make your posts easy to share. Heavily promote bloggers. Make an impact with commenting. Detach from outcomes. Take these 7 simple steps to increase your home business leads now.

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