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Home Business Bootcamp Training Oct 22, 2010, what you missed!

George Kosch delivered nearly 2 hours of specialized interactive training during today`s Weekly Session of Worldprofit`s Home Business Bootcamp Training.

Topics covered during the BEGINNERS Session of Worldprofit`s Home Business Bootcamp Training

-The Money Tree Diagram, what it is and how this concept is essential to whether you succeed and profit, or fail and lose

-What`s an Associate and why you need them!

-What you must DO EVERY DAY to earn from home

-Why the POST and PRAY Method of promotion isn't enough

-Put Your Promotion HAT on! No excuses! Promote! Promote! Promote!

-Vital tools for home business owners and little known marketing strategies

-What Worldprofit`s Home Business Bootcamp teaches you.

-The NUMBER ONE Reason why people FAIL to make money online

-Treating your home business seriously and why you must do so

-How to get unstuck when you are stuck!

-Why everyone gets frustrated when they first get started and what to do about it!

-Why you shouldn`t worry about the techie stuff and instead do the PROMOTION!

Advanced topics covered during the ADVANCED MARKETERS Session of Worldprofit`s Home Business Bootcamp Training

-What only 1% of marketers know, how to DIRECT traffic, George reveals what this is!

-What you MUST know about Search Engine Optimization

-How to get 10000+ Products on your site & how to promote them. Current topic on Home Business Bootcamp Training

-How to be a SELLER not a BUYER and earn from multiple streams of income. Current topic on Home Business Bootcamp

-Key Words, Site Maps, Indexing, Content, Google. Critical need to know business information!

-Secret places for promotion, key products for promotion, software to automate your daily tasks so you can promote more effectively

-Blogging: love it or hate it - why you MUST BLOG as part of your SEO Strategy.

-Offers are CRITICAL! How Worldprofit has made making Offers easy so you generate more sales

-Organic Traffic, what is it and why this is critical to your online promotion campaigns, and Search Engine Optimization tactics

-The Autoresponder Business Builder, how this tool makes your life easier and your sales greater! This is a 100% profit tool. Earnings generated are ALL yours! Includes ready to go businesses offers for promotion - and more are planned to be added in coming months!

Special Announcements from George Kosch made during Worldprofit`s Home Business Bootcamp Training Today!

First announcement! NEW BOOTCAMP COMING SOON! This will be an advanced phase of our current Bootcamp and is for SERIOUS MARKETERS! This will be Bootcamp 3. This specialized key training will be for those keeners who are more experienced and for those willing to learn and apply advanced skills for increasing online earnings. Details to come!

Second announcement! Master Safelist Control Center to be added to member area in next week or so!. Safelists are CRITICAL to your online promotions, to make your life easier, Worldprofit is creating a control center to manage all your lists. This will be for the exclusive use of ONLY Worldprofit valued Members.

What people had to say following today`s Home Business Bootcamp Training

Dan : George, Thank you for the wonderful training, you're a great trainer, as you speak in a tone that makes it very easy to follow you.
Charles: I just sold something! Worldprofit is even "earn whilst you learn"
Arvell: you get more than you need for online biz. that's why i'm customer for life
Tania: thanks have a wonderfull weekend
Franz : Thanks George, keep up the great work....
Arvell: amazing training, george. thanks.
John: Nice One Guy's George Thanks Champ!

If you missed today's home business bootcamp training with George Kosch, a recording will be posted in the next 48 hours for your convenience.

The next Worldprofit Home Business LIVE interactive training session with George Kosch is Friday Oct 29th at 10 AM CT. We hope to see all Members at the training.

Have a great week!

The Worldprofit Support Team
Now in our 17th year of business as the Home Business Experts

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