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Have an opend mind and follow this company and you will.......................?

I have translate this with Google from Swedish

Site Talk is a company that has had the longest pre-launch (2 years), but opened its doors May 12 Right now there are 13 million active users, and we estimate that by the end of the year is 100 million. The parent company is OPN and will go public Q3. All members of the Site Talk also have the opportunity to become shareholders of OPN before the IPO.

I suggest you open a free account so you are able to monitor progress and receive regular information of the company. I sit in one position and know personally the president Dan Andersson and receive regular insider information from the management and can tell that this is an opportunity that may come once every ten years and it costs you nothing to watch this as a free member, but it determines himself.

Open your free membership
Upload your profile
Find if you find any of your acquaintances, if not invite them.
Find me Leif Stromstedt and add me as your friend.

Site Talk is the only company that combines mlm, social community and online shopping in one.

Here is the link you can use.

I promise you you will not let this opportunity pass you by, you'll be sorry if you do

Best regards


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