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Let's look at the objective of email marketing. The whole idea is to
  • get your message delivered, 
  • get your message out in front of as many people as you can,
  • get them to open the email, then
  • get them to read the content of your email which eventually leads them to...
  • take action
 and click the link that takes them to your landing page or sales page.
It is worthwhile to take the time to examine how you construct your ads.
Getting Them to Your Email
Subject Lines The most common mistake I see is that people simply copy and paste the whole message including the subject lines and they don't provide any variation. That's a problem because there's probably ten thousand other people that are using that same ad copy and subject line. A little bit of creativity needs to take place.
I usually create 5 to 7 unique subject lines for each email. I look at where they're being sent also, for instance on Dave Mosher sites, every different site I go to, I put a different subject line because most likely you're going to see a lot of the same users over and over on these sites. They tend to join more than one of these sites because there are so many promos and free ad offers.
Have you noticed that Super Network Solo ads give you five slots for different subject lines? That's a great idea and I would recommend using them all.
Gmail Delivery Another thing I consider is deliverability of the email itself.  Most safelist sites require that people use Gmail addresses. That used to be the universal solution however Gmail has imposed quotas and people who receive a lot of email are being blocked out.  The message eventually does get delivered but it may not delivered on that day.  
You have die-hard users who are insistent on using their ISP email, AOL email, MSN, Hotmail, or other such services, the worst being Yahoo. These Services filter emails and the people are most likely not getting the emails that are being sent. You have no control over what email is used for safelists, because that's the rule that you have to follow when you're a member of that safelist.  I recommend Gmail but have more than one Gmail account so that you're not overloading your account and getting flagged by the quotas.
Guaranteed  Delivery As for individual emails that are important, like mailing to my autoresponder list, or certain newsletters that I send out, I use a service called Sendgrid. This is a guaranteed delivery email service.  I have been getting over 98%delivery (most mail is ~20%). It's really inexpensive, the first month being free and you get 40,000 emails. Every subsequent month is $9.95 for 40,000 emails. That's a lot of emails to send out. It's made a tremendous difference for my broadcasts using my autoresponders. Sendgrid is also integrated with Worldprofit Email Commander.  With Sendgrid I can be sure that important messages are going to be delivered.
Shorter is better.  I admit that I tend to be very verbose in my emails and give them all the details, but I've been really struggling lately to resist that urge and make them shorter email messages.   Just enough to get them to the point where they're clicking that link. And likewise with landing pages.   Simple is better.  The more information you give them the more time they're spending. You have about 10 seconds. If   they're going to spend more than 10 seconds you're going to lose them.
Make it Pretty.  Use some formatting (bold, center, color, highlight) but not too much.  On text-only, minimize the use of caps for emphasis.  ok to use them, just not overkill.  Don't be afraid to use whitespace to separate different thoughts.  Break up long thoughts with ellipses (...)
Tell them YOUR Story.  I frequently state (and mean it) that I Use What I Sell.  I talk about MY experience with the program or product, MY results, personal anecdotes.
Call To Action.  Don't assume your prospects inherently know what to do.  Tell them (ie. Click the Credit Link)
  • Use the Worldprofit email ad generator for both ad copy ideas and subject lines
  • Sandi Hunter at WorldProfit has a list of eye catching subject lines (Ad Examples ! Ad Swipes)
  • Look at what the "Masters" are doing.  Model but don't plagiarize
  • Subject line suggestions from free to join programs like CB Passive Income 
  • There are several email marketing training courses in your Worldprofit Silver membership library. I suggest you just use them as a reference and review them.  A lot of good stuff in them and they're free. as part of your membership.  Low cost to non-members and associates.
    • Goody Bag - Clickbank: 180 Autoresponder Sets
    • Mega PLR Store: Newsletters In A Box
    • Mega PLR Store: Email Essentials
    • Mega PLR Store: Copywriting Power Phrases
    • Mega PLR Store: Sales Letter Secrets
    • Mega PLR Store: Magical Words That Sell
    • Mega PLR Store: Email Marketing Tips
    • Mega PLR Store: Email Marketing Effective Letters
    • Mega PLR Store: Mega Money Emails
    • Resellers Club: 597 Letters
    • Resellers Club: Internet Marketing Newsletters
Obviously, I URGE you to learn how to Do Network Marketing Right with the WorldProfit Silver Membership upgrade, but if you are just getting started (Silver is the answer), still on the fence (afraid to commit) or you are satisfied with mediocre results, then these low-cost resources can give you a good start.
I will be your sponsor and coach, providing help, guidance, and resources.  In 20+ years as a professional business consultant, I still never charge for consulting.
See my blog post with all the links for the above resources (and lots of other great articles, too)
Rich Moyer
WorldProfit Platinum VIP 5+ years
Professional Business Consultant 20+ years
I can tell you how to save $700 per Year for your Silver Membership!

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