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Don't you hate a software package that is hyped to the hilt, and when you get it, even though you were "grandfathered" in as a long time subscriber before the upgrade, you are forced to purchase an up-sell to get the new functionality?

I know this is early in the game, and the product was just released.  I expect bumps in the road.  But this is a stealth, and blatant violation of my trust as a customer.   All the hype led me to believe that I was getting the whole package that included a new blogging platform you could use for text blogs, audio, video, photos, and that blog would be connected and integrated with my old blog.  NOT.

In order to get the audio, video, and images features to work on this new platform, you must purchase an up-sell to Media Hosting.  I have no problem hosting the media files on my own servers (I have about 25+ websites) so why do I need another Media Hosting package, which, by  the way, is two and a half times what I would pay for premium web hosting for a month.

When you try to do audio, for instance, it will ask you  for an "embed code", which for most audio files in WordPress, is simply the URL. The WordPress environment finds the correct handler, and invokes it for most common audio formats.  Unless you have something off the wall, you simply supply the URL (while in Visual Mode, not in TEXT mode as an HTML link).

Another disappointment is that the posts created in this new environment do not connect, and are not displayable in the grandfathered WordPress platform.

I'm sure there is more to come, including some clarification from the help desk.  I'm hoping this is simply Stupid User Syndrome, and that it is something I missed in the training.

Rich Moyer is Managing Partner and Principal Consultant (retired) of Spaho Consulting, LLC who brings you Life Balance NetworkLife Balance Lifestyle Network, and Netpreneur Network

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