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Friday July 10th is LIVE Bootcamp Training 10 AM CT.

Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members - especially NEW MEMBERS - tomorrow is LIVE BOOTCAMP TRAINING WITH GEORGE KOSCH.

It's at 10 AM CT and you are URGED to attend so you can learn, watch, listen, ask questions and get answers from George Kosch directly!

To access the program login to your member area and you will see the details under MESSAGE BOARD.

We base almost all of the Bootcamp training on two things:

--> 1. Attending the live training or watching the recorded bootcamp workshop.

--> 2. IMPORTANT: Generating traffic to the landing pages we provide by JOINING the various safelists and traffic exchanges shown under Advertising/Traffic - 20+ Income/Traffic Streams on the left hand menu in your Dealer area.

George jhas added an item to your report card which shows the results of point 2 above. Each time a visitor is generated by YOUR efforts in ANY of the exchanges or safelists you have joined it will be tracked and will show up in your report card.

How do you see your report card? Login to your Member area, then on the left menu under Millionaire Bootcamp click on "Your Report Card". The number you see should be at least 3000 visitors per month. If not then you must watch George's recorded bootcamp video immediately because you are doing something WRONG!

You see, each of the safelists/exchanges we recommend GIVE AWAY thousands of visitors when you join. You need only surf or read a small amount of emails to get your FREE credits. Then you can enter your ads using the ad examples we give you under Advertising/Traffic - Ad Examples.


Got Questions, please fill out a support form from within your Member area and our TECH TEAM will help you. One of our first questions to you , however, will be -

If you missed the last LIVE training program, have you watched George Kosch's latest recorded bootcamp?

If you say NO, then weI'll ask you to watch it.

Advice: watch the training screencast videos under Millionaire Bootcamp. They are packed with tips, tricks and tons of advice and guidance on how this program is done.

See you on the bootcamp training program tomorrow - I hope!

George Kosch
Bootcamp Instructor
Worldprofit Inc.

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