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The pay plan.

I will break down from 5 - 10 front line people. before I do let me explain that if you spend an hour on the system you will receive 1 point. if you already have a down line of 5 people you will receive 1 point for them being online for an hour. So for every hour you and your 5 people are online you get 6 points do this for 5 hours you will receive 30 points per day.

Now let me break this into sections and turn it into cash for you all, every levels will start with YOU!

In Each level this is designed that all your people do as you do! Lead by example.

YOU Plus 5 Front line People

Level 1 = 5
Level 2 = 25
Level 3 = 125
Level 4 = 625
Level 5 = 3125 = 3,925 people = $1500.00 per Month.

YOU Plus 10 Front line People

Level 1 = 10
Level 2 = 100
Level 3 = 1,000
Level 4 = 10,000
Level 5 = 100,000 = 111,110 people = $5000.00 Per Month

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George Holmes

Skype id: georgieboy628

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