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Exploit the Massive Benefits of Veretekk - with Platinum System

GoranSto-181x181Göran B Edström CEO
Be Affiliate of Veretekk Platinum System

Platinum System is
The Next Generation of Veretekk Power.

After over 10 years of developing Veretekk™ the time has come to unleash the true power and potential that up till now has only been available to the company founders. With a Veretekk™ Platinum system you will have the ability to combine and streamline up to 20 separate Veretekk™ Gold systems and exploit the massive benefits this offers.

The reasons and justifications for such a system are many. But perhaps the 2 most obvious applications are:

Serious SEO power you won't believe.

Veretekk™ Platinum provides you with the ultimate search engine optimization (SEO) system - virtually ensuring you will obtain top search engine rankings for your chosen web sites and keywords. It's possible to run a thriving SEO business for other companies and individuals through a single Platinum system. When you configure a Veretekk Gold system such that all the Traffic Portals are interlinked, properly configured, connected to a massive number of Super Blogs™ and Blogger Drones™ sites, etc. - all controlled from a single control panel… when targeting most any keyword, you will find yourself at the top of the search engines very quickly!

When you find yourself at the top of the search engines with a good keyword, you WILL GET business and success is yours to be achieved!

Massive downline recruiting and support.

If you're promoting a specific business opportunity you can use the Platinum system to take control of the Veretekk™ Gold systems managed by your organization and immediately configure them in an optimal way to grow the entire organization!

When you are able to configure your downline's Veretekk Gold systems optimally, you will achieve SEO success and watch your downline explode. Because more and more of your downline will start achieving success, more and more Veretekk Golds upgrades will also occur - meaning even more revenue for you.

How many people are in your downline that are Gold but have never optimized their system, with the usual reason being time constraints? With the Platinum system you can offer this service to them. What used to take tons of time can now be achieved in about 12 minutes. Think about that for a minute. Imagine offering your service to the Gold subscribers that have major time constraints and need a service to configure their system for them. Many current Veretekk subscribers offer this service to other subscribers right now… for real good money!

Platinum Compensation has several ways to help you make serious income. No hype income. If you have listened to the many recordings of the Beta team, you already understand the substantial advantages the Platinum Control Panel can build your income for the long term.

Job one with the Platinum Control Panel is SEO success. What is that? Getting sites to the top of the search engines and by doing so receiving the income from having well designed sites appear in top positions in Google. Many have already achieved this with the Platinum Control Panel.

Using the Platinum Control Panel as a major tool in your arsenal as an SEO business is another excellent way to build a stable and profitable business. Many of the Platinum Control Panel Beta users are and have done just that.

But this page is really here to explain to you how we at Veretekk have made it very lucrative for those of you that want to make selling the Platinum Control Panel profitable. The panel costs $495 per month to subscribe to it. You must subscribe to it to sell it. All you need is two front line subscribers and you are already in (very small) profit. We pay out $250.00 per month on front line commissions and those commissions compress up to you if anyone purchases a Platinum Control Panel downstream from you. We also pay out $50 per month on your second level. That is over 60% payout. Unheard of in this business. Example. If you have 10 active front line Platinum Control Panel accounts and they each have 2 active Platinum Control Panel accounts, that equals $3,500.00 per month. The opportunity is here waiting for you.

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Göran B Edström Your Sponsor

Proud Gold Member and Member of Platinum Control Panel at Veretekk,
CEO of

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