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Entrepreneurship: New Threat to Government Sponsored Indoctrination…I Mean, Education.

Entrepreneurship: New Threat to Government Sponsored Indoctrination…I Mean, Education.


“Education must serve politics, must be combined with productive labor”.  “The primary concern of education is not acquisition of knowledge, but the remodeling of behavior, attitudes, emotion and thoughts” ...Theodore Chen in Communist China, 1949-1969.

Sounds like something right out of the Manchurian Candidate back in 1962 and you would be correct.  Today’s educational institutions are an extension of state control both in and out of the classroom with increasing authority over children who are being programmed to function like mindless automatons to eventually, replace the current workforce, while working for the greater benefit of the state without question.  Yes, Brave New World, Animal Farm and 1984 have already arrived with increasing state authority over its most desired segment of the population the young (children/adolescents/young adults).  Indeed, children have become the property of the state through Orwellian means (China and North Korea sound familiar).  Let’s remember this expansion of government power and control over the masses was aided by the 911 Attack (September 2001) and since then, forfeiture of civil liberties and adherence to the Constitution/Bill Rights have become marginalized in lieu of safety.  What did Benjamin Franklin, once said, “he who gives up a little freedom for security deserves neither”.  Guess what, it doesn’t stop and government wanting more control over your child’s personal life increases.  Seems J.D Rockefeller, was right when he said, “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers”.  Yes, the Borg is real and the assimilation process starts in school; however, parental control and influence are gradually diminished with little objection from them.

So, entrepreneurship is a threat to the status-quo but, how you ask?  Seems contradictory because it’s Age of the Entrepreneur and governments are more than willing to invest funds into new ideas to yield innovation and new technology to generate money, jobs and tax revenue.  Like any good mercenary government plays both sides of a conflict, while exercising Free Market Capitalism (accepting donations from corporations, while taxing everyone else).  Yes, it’s about cash, power and control.  Government recognizes that entrepreneurs are renegades and better to join than fight them; however, the masses can be controlled by manipulation via social welfare benefits, education, grants (single mothers), media and legal changes (e.g., V.A.WA., women given greater authority over children).  Nothing like good old divide and conquer tactics designed for safety reasons and also make vulnerable sectors of the population to feel good about themselves.  However, when you accept gifts from government there’s cost you have to pay.          

Now, let’s seek assistance from British author and public speaker David Icke, who has written many articles, lectured and shared his concern about schools functioning as “Programming Prisons” for your kids.  Alright, what’s the connection between entrepreneurship and children being programed (brainwashed) to serve the state?  Well, Mr. Icke shared the answer is found in neuroscience or more specially in our right and left brain hemispheres.  The left-brain controls rational thought (logic, structure, discipline, conformity), while the right-brain hemisphere controls creativity (originality, uniqueness, emotions).  Now, both hemispheres are dependent upon each other and connected through the corpus callosum, which facilitates interhemispheric communication between them.  Now, if you wanted to control a society of people what part of the brain and segment of the population would you manipulate?  You got it, left-brain and children.  As Mr. Icke coined the phrase, Left-Brain Prisoner is programmed through the educational system.  The power elite recognized long ago they could profit by getting people to “buy into the system” by encouraging society to invest in higher education, home-ownership, joining social/political groups and other structured organizations that reinforce ideals, ideologies and values generally embraced by the greater society.  “The aim of public education isn’t to spread enlightenment at all, it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same level, to breed a standard citizenry to put down dissent and originality” (H. L., Mencken).  In truth, the goal is to monetize and program the public starting from cradle to grave in real time.

No doubt, you can see how entrepreneurs could cause disruption for the power elite due to the fact, the traits/qualities of an entrepreneur are primarily right-brain and contrary to the indoctrination process found in almost all educational institutions.  Don’t believe me, Texas Board of Education in their platform opposed Critical Thinking as being disruptive threat to parental authority (they later modified their platform).  Additionally, they also, voted against fact checking of textbooks by university professors.  Talk about maintaining authoritarian control at all cost but, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Here’s an example where government (Court) ruled in favor of Police Departments can refuse to hire intelligent people.


It is no coincidence that school days are getting longer, because the state is centered on reducing a child’s time to Free Think on problem solving.  Sadly, it’s about conditioning children to self-regulate or produce a specific response or reaction that suits the state.  Entrepreneurship is the diametrical opposite of today’s educational system because problem-solving is a primary motivator of today’s social entrepreneurs.  Creating products/services that bring value to the free market, while solving problems for their target market.  Free Thinkers who pursue innovation and new technology are creative and critical in their thought process.


Traditionally families have been sending their children to school and then, later university because of their belief in education and more importantly, post-secondary education teaches young people how to be financially self-sufficient.  Unfortunately, higher education and its costs continue to escalate beyond the reach of the middle-class and those on the lower tier of the socioeconomic ladder.  So, what options do parents have to give their children a better quality of life?  Well, in a global economy that is based on information/knowledge designed to make things more efficient and most importantly, profitable for companies I suggest entrepreneurship/home business as the solution to the problem.  Knowledge is P-O-W-E-R but, applied knowledge is P-R-O-F-I-T-A-B-L-E because a Solution to a problem generates a high monetized value for those who successfully provide an answer to a problem.


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