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Don?t make New Year?s resolutions for yourself? make them for others. It?s easier, more fun, less trouble.

div class='posterous_autopost'hr / pTodayrsquo;s article is about making the annual strongNew Yearrsquo;s resolutions/strong with a little tongue in cheek. I found it interesting and thought you might like it. Please send me your comments at a href=""; and let me know what you think./p hr / h3Originally Published: 12/31/10/h3 h1a href=""Donrsquo;t make New Yearrsquo;s resolutions for yourselfhellip; make them for others. Itrsquo;s easier, more fun, less trouble./a/h1 h3by Dr. Jeffrey Lant/h3 hr / h4trsquo;s the time of the year for the obligatory strongNew Yearrsquo;s/strong/h4 pstrong h4strongresolutions/strong. You know, what I mean:/h4 /strong/p pI plan to go on a diet and become chic and sveltebr /by Valentinersquo;snbsp; Day./p pI will go to the gym every other day, so help mebr /Hannah. Muscles and enticing curves, or bust./p pI will eschew the delights of eating one sugar-soakedbr /Little Debbie after another./p h4I willhellip; but you get the idea./h4 pThere is something abhorrent about admittingbr /that you are imperfect. I donrsquo;t like it at all./p pstrongNew Yearrsquo;s resolutions/strong imply that you have somehowbr /fallen beneath the high standard of perfection, thatbr /there is something not quite right about you, a naggingbr /something that needs instant attention./p h4But what could that be?/h4 pLike you, I look in the mirror of a morning and, despitebr /advancing age, I see nothing but the spitting image ofbr /one who is, indeed, the fairest of them all. It affronts mebr /to think otherwise./p pThus, while wishing to do my bit to uphold the br /traditions of Auld Lang Syne and making resolutions,br /I find it hard to do sohellip; as I have nothing to improvebr /and everything to enjoy./p pHence this modest idea: give up resolution making forbr /yourselfhellip; and focus your full attention upon the others,br /lamentable, imperfect, with a pressing need for overhaulsbr /small and large./p h4Draw up a list of persons known to you with glaring,/h4 h4jarring imperfections./h4 pDo not stint. Remember, you are performing a usefulbr /act, a noble act, and act of kindness and empathy. Asbr /such, let yourself gohellip; think of your aging peers and theirbr /shocking habitshellip; of your relatives who have outlived the br /excuse of ldquo;puppy fat.rdquo;/p pThink of your loud,nbsp; too boisterous, ear-splitting friendshellip;br /and the motor-mouths whose decided opinions onbr /everything under the sun are, perhaps, de trop./p pThink of the always-late delivery boy and thosebr /with too many unattended felines in a confinedbr /space and the olfactory discomfort thereby occurring./p pThink, I say, think ofnbsp; prevaricating politicianshellip;br /and those with nookie on their minds and an acutebr /inability to contain it. Look around you and weigh inbr /with a willhellip;for you have many resolutions to craftbr /and far too little time in which to offer them.nbsp; Timingbr /is everything, after all, and strongNew Yearrsquo;s resolutionsbr //strongin March seem, well, tardy. Act now./p h4Now write the strongNew Yearrsquo;s resolutions/strong mdash; for others./h4 pThis part could be troublesome and demands yourbr /full attention and craft. Resolutions must be simple, br /straightforward, honest and at least potentially do-able. br /Thus, calling your insufficiently loved and abundantlybr /padded brother-in-law fat just wonrsquo;t do. Try this instead:/p pstrongNew Yearrsquo;s resolution/strong of brother-in-law Bob:/p pTo lose 15 pounds by monthrsquo;s end./p pAnd then your signature and the date./p pKeeping your resolutions short, sweet, and to thebr /point is de rigueur./p pMail the resolutionhellip; email the resolution. Onlybr /ensure that your kind thought for their betterment andbr /perfection reaches them early in January./p pImagine how grateful, how pleased the recipient will be whenbr /he of pronounced embonpoint receives this missive and itsbr /kind and thoughtful message becomes apparent./p pSend your strongNew Yearrsquo;s resolutions/strong even to those near andbr /dear who share your abode and are bosom buddies andbr /dear companions on your earthly journey./p pThe temptation, even for those expert and experiencedbr /in providing life enhancing strongNew Yearrsquo;s resolutions/strong for others, br /will be to personally deliver, message upon hallmarked silverbr /salver, your resolutions to the people near at hand, spouse,br /children, impecunious sons in law, etc.nbsp; You will think ofbr /their profoundly grateful responses, you will think ofbr /the affection and love in their eyes. You will hear withbr /delight words so lavish and abject that even that practisedbr /purveyor of the obsequious Uriah Heep would be put tobr /shame. No, you do not want to miss a moment./p h4But you must./h4 pFor your recipient will need a moment or two tobr /compose himself and, no doubt, let fall the gratefulbr /tear, that you should care so much and have gone to sobr /much bother on their behalf. Allow them a momentbr /of reflection in privacy, as they think how grateful, howbr /very grateful, they are to have such a one as you inbr /their (otherwise imperfect) life./p pSavor this moment, glass of grog at hand forbr /you have done the very best of deeds. Sing under your breath br /this little-remembered chorus from Robert Burnsrsquo; immortalbr /annual anthem of maudlin sentimentality, Auld Lang Syne:/p pldquo;We two have run about the slopes,br /and picked the daisies fine ;br /But wersquo;ve wandered many a weary foot,br /since auld lang syne.rdquo;/p pAnd now,nbsp; gratitude, indeed./p pAs I was finishing up this practical report,nbsp; therebr /was a knock at the doorhellip; then the telephone ranghellip;br /then I noticed a decided up tick in my /I was not surprisedhellip; I was expecting such a /After all, I had contacted many with a hearty abundancebr /of resolutions, necessary, specific, in depth, allbr /resoundingly honest to a fault. Now, no doubt, the expectedbr /responses, the epistles of gratitude and fulsome thanks br /were at hand./p pOu la la!/p pImagine my surprise upon reading the first of thesebr /messages:/p pstrongNew Yearrsquo;s Resolution/strong of Dr. Jeffrey Lanthellip;:/p psigned/p pyour loving sister/p pThen the one signed by my (concerned) brother, my br /(worried) father, one jointly signed by my (still affectionate)br /niece andnbsp; nephew, my (who-else-could-tell-you?) best friend,br /my (long suffering) partnershellip; even my (silent-until-now) driverbr /andnbsp; his wife.. .and all the very many others./p pIt was jolting to be sure to learn that so many feltbr /so strongly there was so much of me to enhance and correct. br /But these messages, profoundly honest, stimulatedbr /the only strongNew Yearrsquo;s resolution/strong I shall make thisbr /year: to love them all, warts and all, and be br /profoundly glad I have them in my life./p pstrongemHappy New Year, 2011!/em/strong/p pstrongemnbsp;/em/strong/p hr / h3Mega Profit Product Showcase:/h3 pstrongraquo;/strong a href=""Secret Cash Blueprint 2.0 - Former Helicopter Mechanic Rakes in 12k/a/p hr / h3About The Author/h3 pa href=""img title="drlant" src="" border="0" height="104" alt="drlant" width="104" //a/p pHarvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Dr. Lant is also the author of 18 best-selling business books./p pCheck out Cash Renegade ndash;gt;nbsp; a href="" title="" pRepublished with authorrsquo;s permission. a href="" pnbsp;/p hr / h3Garrett L Hutsko MCEC - President amp; Worldprofit Dealer/h3 pbr /Call me at 703-303-8179 (Please be sure to leave a message)br /Email me at:nbsp; a href="" br /Visit my online office at:nbsp; a href="" pThe Ultimate home business you've been looking for is ourbr /VIP Platinum Home Business Package! This Turn-Key packagebr /includes EVERYTHING you need to make money online NOW!/p pClick Here for more information ==gt; a href="" pAs a special bonus for registering you'll get these goodies.../p p* 50,000 Visitors To ANY Website!br /* Access to live, DAILY, online WEBCAST Presentations so you canbr /learn from the master himself./p hr / pP.S.nbsp; You won't believe this website I found:br /a href="" hr / pAutoText is a great tool for support engineers that answer lots of /Type an abbreviation and AutoText will "expand" it to a /Works in ANY software (MS Word, Notepad, browsers etc) Learn more a href="" target="_blank"AutoText/a/p pnbsp;/p hr / pa href="" target="_blank"img src="" border="0" height="125" alt="Wirefly Brand Banner" width="125" //a a href="" target="_blank"img title="Real Time Pain Relief - Rub It On and The Pain Is Gone!" src="" height="125" alt="Real Time Pain Relief - Rub It On and The Pain Is Gone!" width="125" //aimg src=";a_bid=858d4fc3" height="1" alt="" style="border-width: 0px;" width="1" / a href="" target="_blank"img src="" border="0" alt="" //abr /a href="" target="_blank"img src="" border="0" height="60" alt="Safelist Advertising" width="468" //a a href=" href="""img src="" alt="" / hr / /a/p/div

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