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Do Safelists work or am I just wasting my time?

In World Profit's Support Department we get a lot of questions about Safelist marketing.

People ask.

Do Safelists work? 

Do I have to earn credits to get free advertising or is there another way?

How do I know which Safelists work best ?

What is the best way to promote my affiliate marketing programs, links and network marketing companies?

I need leads and traffic for my affiliate marketing programs, are safelists going to help me? 

Get the answers by watching this helpful video by World Profit CEO George Kosch.

George Kosch explains how Safelists work and answers the most often heard questions.

This is a very helpful expert resource for people new to affiliate  marketing,  and for those who don't truly understand how they work and have written them off as a source of leads and traffic for your affiliate marketing programs.

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