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Creating Delectably Sticky Home Business Content

Just caught the new Spider Man movie…I will never look at our home geckos the same.

Spidey has neat powers. He can create a sticky, overpowering web which traps anything or anyone.

How can your home business learn a Spidey Lesson?

You are not into predating things or people. No need to trap.

You *can* create sticky content which catches the attention of your reader.

If it’s really good they never want to leave your blog. Which increases your conversions.

Good deal.

Home Business Content – Stickiness Factor

Is your content usable? Meaning, can readers take it in, digest the material and use it – to their benefit – within minutes?

If the answer is yes your home business content can become uber sticky.

Most people like FINDING usable content. Which keeps people on your blog.

The more time spent on your blog, the more calls to action taken.

More conversions. More money. More people whose lives you touch.


Why do people visit your blog? To have their problems solved.

How? By using your content instantly, for their immediate benefit.

Create practical content. Stuff that visitors can read, digest and apply to their home business within 5 minutes.

Simple tips. Simple steps. Simple is powerful.

Simple is sticky.


Notice how guys like Seth Godin create simple content?

Simple is powerful. So Seth became powerful a long time ago.

His blog is wildly popular. His blog is sticky. Because you can solve your probs within minutes – or seconds – after reading his posts.

Complex Sucks

Complex really sucks because complex creates chaos and disorder in the mind.

Complex repels readers. Complex turns off prospects.

Can I Use this Stuff?

After reading a post ask yourself: “Can I use this immediately?”

“Can a newbie use this material immediately?”

Neat litmus test to determine if your content is sticky-worthy.

Placing usable content in front of a prospect seeking solutions is like placing a sticky bun in front of a starving bear.

It’s gone in about 2 seconds, put to good use.

Your Turn

How do you create sticky home business content?

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