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My wireless USB is hot hot hot!. I have to blow air on it I have been on this damn computer keyboard like for 20 hours straight . Still seem not to get around and achieve a great deal but find interesting sites along the way. So I am busy keeping passwords and Usernames which takes time and then guess what . My whole CPU is having a major go slow and screen freeze dramas . Why is this happenin to me , I dont deserve this . Oh! how many screens I have open or about twenty. Thats another twenty Username and passwords to record down and building up a list . Not of downline but many Username and passwords. I wonder how much pay per click keywords I have already. And the Advertising mob well I am forbidden to send out large emails I have got to keep them small. But it was only 5000 emails your honour and I feel really bad about your servers!
God its hot must be 100 degrees cant wait till winter already. Congrats to President Barrack he's the man I like him so does many others he got the whole the world in his hand , hes got the whole world in his hands and now today America pick itself up dust itself off and get to what has made America great. Go you Orange type people lots of giddays mate from down under dudes.

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Comment by Worldprofit Inc. on January 24, 2009 at 7:53pm
Hi Richard, thanks for the cheery posting. Keeping track of passwords can be a headache. has a handy little device that is very popular for keeping you sane. (no, we get no kick backs for recommending this password management tool :-)

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