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Combining ONLINE & OFFLINE marketing? The Network Marketer's Secret Weapon...

Up til now every single post I have tried to
add some sort of value-based
internet marketing strategy, tool, or resource
that will help you build your business online.

Well, online marketing is just one big piece
of the puzzle. What if I showed you a proven
OFFLINE marketing tactic that could take your
business to the next level and generate you
more leads than you could handle?

Now I'm 100% in love with the internet and keeping
up with the latest and most cutting-edge online
marketing strategies, but there is also a lot of value
in being able to combine some simple offline strategies
to your marketing arsenal.

The total package. The complete weapon. Be
everywhere all the time, online and offline... think
of what that could do for your business...
That's the goal.

And this Wednesday Aug 19th I'm going
to bring to you a guy who's making waves in this industry.
A guy who is putting up crazy numbers in his primary
MLM business (he was the top recruiter in his MLM
last month) and has figured out a way to be everywhere
both offline & online and his results speak for themselves.

You're going to learn one of the most powerful offline
marketing strategies a network marketer could
get their hands on. And the best part is that after
this webinar you're going to be able to immediately
implement this strategy into YOUR web of marketing!

Join us this Wednesday August 19th at 9:00 PM EST
and watch the flood gates open right before your eyes!

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Live Marketing & Training Call for MLMLeadSystemPRO Members and Guests.
Join Us this Wednesday Night and listen live.

9PM Eastern
8PM Central
7PM Mountain
6PM Pacific

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I never said I didn't like or respect offline marketing
And this Wednesday you'll find out

Cynthia McKelvy, CEC

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