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Clarification: Confusion About GVO Products and Services

logoI realized when trying to tell someone about 7 Minute Workout as part of the GVO family of products and services, that there were many similarities, shared services, and moving parts associated with each of the GVO initiatives.  I have to admit, my first real introduction to GVO was when I signed up for Plug-In Profit Sites.  I heard what Stone Evans had to say, and somewhat understood there were different PRODUCTS, but I had a hard time distinguishing one product from another, and truthfully, I just blindly joined each as required by Plug-in Profit Sites in order to qualify to become a reseller of each individual product.
It might help to send new prospects to an article such as this to resolve any confusion they might have.  You see, each of these products CAN be a standalone product, but they can be integrated into "Marketing Packages" such as Plug-In Profits, The Viral Secret, and 20 Minute Payday.
Here is an email I sent to new prospects signing up for 7 Minute Workout that ties it all together:
You made a great choice in signing up for the 7 Minute Workout list.  7 Minute Workout is a Great Video Exercise Program, a common sense Diet and Nutrition Program, it has Recipes, and exercise and food Trackers, all of which combined help you stay on course, lose w*****, and get in shape.  7MW also has a non-nonsense, 100% money back guarantee, so I encourage you to give it a try.  See the review on our blog titled, "Review: 7 Minute Workout, Diet, and Recipes".
If you are interested in 7  Minute workout only as an exercise/diet program, that's great.  It is easier to succeed if you have partners and support.  7MW has just that, in addition to motivational videos, and tons of resources.  Also be aware that 7 Minute  Workout and the routines you currently do at the gym are not exclusive:  you can choose to incorporate 7MW with your current workout, and get the added cardio advantages, or use it on alternate days.  It's up to you - there is so much flexibility in the program.  You do not need to be a member of a gym or purchase costly equipment.  There are workout options for exercises using equipment or routines that do not require equipment.

7 Minute Workout As A Business Opportunity

You may not know this, but 7 Minute Workout is also a great business opportunity.  Learn how to get your membership for free, and make 100% profits for reselling the  program.  On one of my blog sites, I have posted an "In Your Face" advertising article, "Show Your Support: Tshirts for 7 Minute Workout".
If you do see this as an opportunity for you to become a reseller, tell me about your goals in Internet Marketing, what you do, and where you would like to be with your business.  As retired managing partner and principal consultant of my small business and IT consulting firm, I might be able to help with some free advice, not only from the technical and marketing standpoints, but also from the business standpoint for things like a business plan.
If you haven't decided whether or not to be a reseller, I strongly advise it.   With just two paid signups, your membership fee would be covered.  It is a commitment, but these are wildly successful and converting products.  
If you have not done anything at all in the past with Internet Marketing, that  is no  problem: there is the 7 Minute Workout Elite Co-Op program.  Think of the 7 Minute Workout Elite program as a "done-for-you" business: the Co-op makes a huge bulk buy of quality, targeted advertising, at a price point you could not hope to achieve on your own.  They write the ad copy, and put your affiliate ID into a rotator that gives equal opportunity for each co-op participant to obtain leads. Once they get leads into an autoresponder, they follow up with 365 days of reinforcement.  
I signed up for the Elite Program co-op.  The jury is still out (it has only been several weeks since the start of the campaign), but I have seen a significant increase in traffic and I've gotten twice as many signups than the month before they started the campaign.

GVO Family of Products and Services

7 Minute Workout is only one of the GVO family of products and services.  Global Virtual Opportunities started out as a hosting company, but now includes many other services in the packages, "GVO Host Then Profits", and "Pure Leverage".  These two offerings are similar, with the big distinction being hosting in GVO Host Then Profits", and a blogging platform included in Pure Leverage.  I consider both these packages Essential Business Tools needed for every business with an online presence.

If you don't know what I mean by the GVO family of products and services, I'll give you a short description of each.  You do NOT need to join up with ANY of the following products.  7MW can be a standalone product.

logoGVO Host Then Profit - GVO got started as a web hosting provider, and has expanded its services to include a world class autoresponder, blogger builder, video creation tools, video conferencing, and Competition Witness.  If you need hosting, as a network engineer, and someone who built datacenters and IT operations support infrastructures for a living, I can vouch for GVO hosting - fast and dependable servers, excellent customer service, great end user tools.  The other services are simply tools that every business with an online presence needs.  The "Host Then Profit" portion allows you to resell those services: what a great way to get your OWN services for free (paid for by your referrals), and earning substantial commissions in addition.

logoPure Leverage - Many of the same and similar services as GVO Host Then Profit (without the hosting), plus a personal blog.  This is the same autoresponder as GVO Host Then Profit - in my opinion, the best I've found on the market.  My personal autoresponder has capacity for 10,000 users, an unlimited number of campaigns, a great capture form wizard, and is built out with messages for over 400 days.

Empower Network - Dave and Dave (the founders) will show you how to make profits through blogging.  A great training and support network, excellent reseller program (100% commission).

DotComSecretsX - Russell Brunson shows tells you step by step how he became one of the "inner circle" of internet marketing millionaires.  Tells you his secrets, and invites you to mimic his success.  Great training and resources, free website.  The most notable feature is teaching you how to build the "Golden Sequence" with your autoresponder.

7 Minute Workout - a fantastic exercise program that gets the same advantages as hours everyday at the gym by doing this concentrated 7 minute routine 3 times per week.  Exercise videos, recipes, trackers, and tons of resources, in addition to reseller commissions of 100%.  The program was developed by founder Chris Reid, who is a World Champion in Martial Arts, and CEO Joel Therien, a trained cardiac physical therapist (also president of Pure Leverage and GVO).

SFI - TripleClicks - an online auction site and reseller program similar to Quibid.  

Marketing Packages for GVO Initiatives

You will find that the emphasis in all of these programs is to build your list.  Once you build your list, let your autoresponder do the heavy lifting in selling.  Your only job is to recruit and build that list.  Each of these packages is designed to promote several of the GVO products and services.  You must be a member, and reseller of the GVO product being promoted to use the marketing package, and there are some dependencies (ie. you must have one of the GVO products that includes an autoresponder).  There are some really nice lead capture tools available that are tied in directly to the GVO family of products:  
Plug-In Profits - Stone Evans gives you a free website that incorporates all of the GVO initiatives yielding 5 income streams from a single website/review site.  Over the shoulder training showing how Stone Evans achieved his success.

TheViralSecret - Russell Brunson offers the same 5 GVO initiatives in a similar, but distinctly diffrerent package that includes a free website and techniques on how to drive traffic to build your list.

20 Minute Payday - A free website that combines a Product (Empower Network), the Tools (Pure Leverage) and drives Traffic (DotComSecretsX).

Affiliate Website Generator - this a free Wordpress review website (provide your own hosting or GVO).  The website is initially loaded with reviews and articles about the GVO products, but it can be for any purpose.  This Wordpress Theme has a very cool Review template that allows you to rate the product being reviewed overall, and four individual categories of your choosing.  It also includes Squeeze Page generators for large and small squeeze/splash pages.

Co-Ops - Bulk Buy of Advertising

Many of the GVO products have associated Co-Ops available that give you the highest quality traffic and guaranteed signups.  This is so much better than a do-it-yourself attempt at generating traffic.  The various GVO initiatives have independently secured professionally developed, PAID advertising.  You purchase a "share" and ads are distributed, rotating each share's affiliate ID in the co-op equally.  There is absolutely no better way to get sign-ups, at an unbelievably cheap cost per sign-up.  You simply sign up, and sit back to watch your autoresponder campaigns fill up.


Overview of Internet Marketing Strategy

I know you have just signed up so don't feel intimidated. I just wanted to give you a quick overview of the strategy I use in internet marketing: As my mentor #1 says, "promote, promote, promote".  But WHAT you promote is just as important as HOW you promote it.
First and foremost, you SHOULD NOT PROMOTE TO SELL, PROMOTE TO BUILD YOUR LIST!  The obvious next question then is, "How do I make money if I don't sell?"   Easy answer.  Once you build your list, you let the sequences of messages sent to opt-in participants on your list do the selling.  You follow up regularly with your prospects with offers that first introduce them to a product or service, then reinforce features, benefits, and opportunities in other follow up messages, each containing a call to action for that prospect to try or buy the product or service.  They say it takes SEVEN EXPOSURES for someone to "get it": to recognize, and understand what they need to know to make a buying decision.


The three most important things you can do right out of the chute:
  • Use "cloaking" and tracking for EVERY SINGLE URL, whether it be a website, affiliate link, or referral
  • Get an Autoresponder.  (My preference is GVO)
Your only job today is to BRING ON NEW ASSOCIATES (referrals).  Why is it so important to direct your users to a Landing Page?  It gives you the opportunity to keep their focus on WHAT YOU WANT TO SELL THEM, and more importantly, gives them an opportunity to sign up for your list.  The MONEY IS IN THE LIST.
You want to use cloaking, not only to hide your true affiliate ID (and curtail others from "stealing" your commission) but more importantly, track your clicks.  By knowing how many clicks, and how many conversions you are getting for each product or promotion, you can determine the effectiveness of your marketing.  If a product is not getting clicks, you may need to adjust your approach, rewrite your ad copy, or look at a different venue to market that product or service because you obviously have not hit the target audience you had hoped.  Put your highest effort into products that are getting the highest click-through rates, and do some split testing for those products not performing.
Once you start building your list or lists, you don't want your sign-ups to just sit there.  You want to send them a message every day, or every couple days to keep them interested.  An autoresponder "sequence" puts your "after signup" campaigns on autopilot once you get that user to opt-in to your list.  You can put your energy into building your list, because once they are on your list, the autoresponder does the work from then on!  I can help with some effective strategies and pass on my recommendation for a good autoresponder system. I love the GVO Host Then Profits package - the best autoresponder, hosting, domain names, video producer, video conferencing - everything under one roof.  Here is the link for GVO:
Rich Moyer is Managing Partner (retired) of Spaho Consulting, LLC

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