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Business with BHIP Global - bHIP Energy A New Breed Of Energy

bHIP Energy – “A New Breed Of Energy"

Herbal Clean Energy

Delivering the world's first 'herbal clean energy' formula.
All Natural ingredients: zero artificial caffeine, stimulants, or by-products.

What is 'Herbal Clean'?

Herbal Clean is the purest form of rapid energy delivery to your body.
bHIP's proprietary blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
is scientifically formulated to infuse, and instantly replenish, energy
at the cellular level with zero interference from artificial caffeine,
stimulants, or by-products.

The result? The purest form of rapid energy - delivered in minutes - that lasts for hours.

bHIP's proprietary energy formula consists of ingredients backed by
over 2,000 years of medical research. bHIP’s Scientific Formulators
are proud of being a category creator by delivering a Healthy “herbal
clean energy” to the beverage industry. bHIP Energy has created a new
dynamic for all of the sports drink and energy drink categories.

If you're seeking a convenient all natural method to enhance energy,
performance, vitality, and mental clarity - bHIP Energy is your
answer. Truly “A New Breed of Energy”

Three Easy Steps to Starting Your Business with BHIP Global

There is no product purchase required in order to become an Independent Distributor with BHIP Global.

Upon enrollment as a BHIP distributor, you will be required to purchase a Global Software System (GSS) for $49.95 US. You will receive a personal BHIP Global marketing website, an online retail store, and
unlimited access to full backoffice service for 12 months. The annual
renewal fee for these services is $49.95 US a year.

After you have completed the application process, you will be an
Independent Distributor with BHIP Global. You will now have access to a
Retail Business Center (RBC) and can begin building your business.

STEP 2: ORDER PRODUCT (optional)
BHIP Global is a product driven company. Any and all earned commissions
and overrides are based on the sale and consumption of product. While
there is no product purchase required, your business will probably grow
and flourish more quickly if you are a satisfied product user and have
product on hand to share with others. We recommend that you choose the
BHIP Global Product Package that best suits the goals and needs for
your business.

Bonus Volume (BV)
The BHIP Global Compensation Plan is built around the retail salability of our products. In order to keep the products competitively priced at
the retail level and to ensure a profitable wholesale to retail margin
for our distributor base, we assign a point value (called Bonus Volume
or BV) to each of our products. The compensation program is based on
the accumulation of these points. BHIP Global gives each product the
maximum points possible to create the ideal balance between significant
retail profits and substantial override income for our distributors.
Every time product is purchased Bonus Volume points are generated.

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